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Team up with your co-workers to make better contracts! 

A team setup will increase your efficiency and get you a much better overview of your contracts. You will be able to collaborate with co-workers and guests, share knowledge between you as well as easily track and analyse performance across the entire organisation. All features that will help you achieve better contracts.

Overview of all departments

Lisa is the CEO of a company that has two main departments where the contracts are being generated daily: Sales & HR. With Contractbook Teams she can overview all the contracts of both departments from her own central account. That enables her to track performances, adjust where needed and follow the growth.

Shared templates

All departments and collaborators have access to Team templates. Martina and Susanne can exchange templates which allows everyone to make sure that they are compliant and up-to-date with the latest versions of the templates.

External guests

From time to time, the company needs a lawyer or legal consultant to review a document. In this case, Thomas the lawyer is invited as a guest to access, review and comment on the concerned contracts in a limited timeframe.

Let us guide you

The solution can be tailored with flexibility to match the specific needs of your company. Our friendly support team will help you to the right structure of your Team Setup. We will also make sure that you scale correctly as your company grows.

Get better

Team means better

Our users tell us that having a Team setup makes them more efficient and gives them a better overview of all their contracts. They improve both performance and output with more independent employees and more centralised control.

Drafting collaboration

Collaborate with your co-workers or invite your lawyer as a guest to make sure that you have the best possible contract in place.


A better overview gives you more transparency, the ability to track your performance and insurance that nothing is overlooked.

Flexible plans

The structure and size of your team can be adjusted and scaled as you grow. You can always manage who sees what.

Team Templates

Using the same customised contract templates in your team ensures that everyone works with updated and compliant versions.

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 over your team?

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