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Top 20 cyber security training courses

Top 20 cyber security training courses
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Top 20 cyber security training coursesTop 20 cyber security training courses

Given that we all spend so much time on computers, both professionally and personally, it is imperative to have some level of cyber security awareness. By informing yourself of the issues at hand with regards to online crime and how to prevent it, you are helping yourself and your business stay safe when using an internet connection.

Here, we look at the top cyber security training, online or otherwise. By listing the top 25 courses aimed at both cyber security training for employees pursuing an IT career and cyber security training for beginners, you can choose the best course that will work for you and your needs. Plus, giving cyber security awareness training for employees does not need to be expensive. We highlight some free cyber security training of which you and your business can take advantage. 

Cyber security training for employees pursuing an IT career

  1. Computing and IT - Open University

This course is great for those that want to take a deeper dive into cyber security awareness. It will give you accredited qualifications from an online learning portal that is well recognised. While it is definitely not suitable for those wanting simple cyber security awareness training for employees, it can be a good idea for those that want to make cyber security part of their career. 

  1. IT Fundamentals for Cyber Security Specialization - IBM, available on Coursera

This course is perfect for those starting in the world of cybersecurity as an analyst. After working through a four module course, students will gain a certificate from IBM. While it is not suitable for the average employee, this is a good option if you want to strengthen your IT department’s cyber security knowledge. 

  1. Basic Training - NexGenT

For those that are in need of military grade cybersecurity training, this course from NexGenT may be the product for you. It is expensive, at around $2000, but you will get highly reputable certifications from Full-Stack Network Associate  and Cisco Certified Network Associate.

  1. Cyber Security Specialization - NexGenT

The next stage to the basic training from NexGenT is its Cyber Security Specialization which is carried out over 5-6 months. It is aimed at those wanting a career in this sector and as such can cost over $12,500. It is a highly respected as well as effective course. 

  1. Advanced Computer Security Professional - Stanford

This 50 hour long course is run by the much revered US university Stanford. It is best for those pursuing a career in cyber security. This is down to its $3000 price tag as well as the complexity of the topics involved - like secure coding and encryption.

  1. CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Training - Learning Tree

This course can be accessed online - live or on demand. Students can also use in-class training too. It takes five day to complete. At the end of it, students will learn all they need to know about delivering cloud technologies in a cyber secure way.  

  1. Introduction to Vulnerability Assessment - Open Security Training

This course is part of a larger set of courses run by Open Security Training. You can either have the course delivered in person or if that does not suit, it is possible to make use of the PowerPoint presentations or PDFs. You can therefore tailor your training to your requirements.

Cyber security training for beginners

  1. Udemy

Udemy is a huge platform that has so many different cyber security training courses to try. They vary in price, but you will be able to find some entry level cyber security training as well as general cyber security awareness courses for all levels. 

  1. The Absolute Beginners Guide To Cyber Security 2020 - Part 1, Alexander Oni on Udemy

Available on Udemy for a small price, with a 30 day money back guarantee, this course created by Alexander Oni, will help you or your employees understand the basic concepts behind cyber security fields. It is also great for helping you understand cyber security jargon. 

  1. Cyber Security - Go From Zero to Hero - Chinmay Kulkarni, available on Udemy

This course is great at making novices become experts over the course of 10 hours of on demand video. While that is perhaps too long for some employees to take out of their working day in one go, it does impart knowledge on the fundamentals of cyber security and the different types of attacks.

  1. Introduction to Cyber Security - A Starter Guide - Learning Tree

Run online by Learning Tree, the Introduction to Cyber Security - A Starter Guide, is a one day course. Students will learn about what the main aims of cyber security are as well as emphasising user responsibility in the quest for robust online security.

  1. The Complete Cyber Security Course: Hackers Exposed - Nathan House, available on Udemy

If you are looking for a one stop shop for cyber security training online, this could be the option for you. It will help you and your employees learn how to prevent hacking and stop hackers in their tracks. There are 12 hours in total so it is pretty time intensive, but the results are worthwhile.

  1. The Beginners 2020 Cyber Security Awareness Training Course - Reza Zaheri, available on Udemy

For a low price, this course will help bring a high level of cyber security awareness training for employees in a relative short amount of time. Aimed at beginners it highlights hacker tactics as well as threats to both browsers and mobiles from online attack. While it cannot go as in depth as others, if time is short for you, this is a good option. 

  1. The Basics of Cyber Security - Faisal Ammari,  available on Udemy

If time is really of the essence for you, try this one hour course that is suitable for beginners. It will quickly and efficiently outline the basics in cyber security making it a good option for entry level cyber security training. 

  1. Security Awareness Training, Internet Security for Employees - Roy Davis, available on Udemy

Roy Davis’s course emphasises the need for upholding internet security and privacy. It is a suitable option for those that want to learn about cyber security awareness for the home as well as the office.

Free cyber security training

  1. Introduction to IT and Cybersecurity - Cybrary

This course is great for introducing cyber security awareness training for employees and it is hosted for free on Cybrary. It is just under 5 hours long and will highlight the need for online security in system administration, incident response, network engineering and penetration testing. 

  1. Introduction to Cyber Security - Future Learn

Future Learn is accredited by GCHQ (the UK Government intelligence organization) and The Institute of Information Security Professionals, amongst others. This is a free course, but there are also some more in depth paid options available. 

  1. Government Cyber Security Course Platform - US Department of Homeland Security

Not a specific course per se, but a portal run by the US Department of Homeland Security, all courses found here are completely free and online. While there is no accreditation to be gained from completing any modules, it is a great way to make the most of this department’s wealth of experience. 

  1. Cyber Security Course for Beginners - Heimdal Security

Again, while there is sadly no accreditation for this course, it is totally free plus extremely thorough. It means that you can provide free cyber security training for employees that raises their cyber security awareness dramatically. 

  1. SANS Cyber Aces Online - SANS Cyber Aces

SANS Cyber Aces is an online course that helps students comprehend and understand key concepts behind cyber security. It is basic, but it is free too. It is a good option for firms or individuals that want a broad understanding, fast. 

Cyber security awareness and cyber security training online - key takeaways

There are so many courses online that can help raise cyber security awareness and provide robust cyber security training for beginners and experts alike. Choosing the right training program for you can be overwhelming therefore but it is necessary so that you and your employees know how to keep data safe and comply with the GDPR.

The list we have compiled above identifies some of the best paid for and free cyber security training available, but make sure the one you do choose answers your own specific needs and requirements. 

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