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Staying on top of crucial contract dates is a pain in the ***. We know. Unleash AI Import to tackle old contract chaos, and enter the new era.

Free yourself from hours of admin

Imagine this: You have a stack of contracts piled high on your local drive and inbox, waiting to be processed (not). Now, instead of spending countless hours sifting through them and updating a spreadsheet, AI Import does the heavy lifting for you in a few clicks.

Simply drag and drop, and it’ll scan and extract the important data in your legacy contracts. No human handling, no human error.

Love your deadlines and renewals

Staying on top of crucial dates is hard enough. It’s impossible to find the contract to begin with, let alone keep track of what’s inside. No wonder they slip through the cracks and leave you scrambling at every renewal or important deadline.

Instead, use your secret weapon (that’s AI Import btw) to slay those old-school PDF contracts and save yourself the headache.

Find exactly what you need, when you need it

Sometimes you know the name of the party, other times all you can remember is a random detail in the contract. One thing’s for sure: scanning through PDF contracts to find one clause or detail is not the best use of your time.

Now you can filter using any criteria, such as names, dates, or specific data fields, and save the filters you’ll use time and time again for future you.

“This saved me 15-20 hours of manual work to extract contract data from ca. 50 of our legacy DPAs. A daunting task that I had been kicking down the road for a long time."

Dennis Benneballe Arnold-Grade
Compliance Officer @Bizzkit

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