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From non-disclosure agreements to confidentiality clauses, our templates are customizable to suit your specific needs, ensuring that your secrets stay safe and secure.

By 2050, an estimated 24 billion interconnected devices will exist. From streetlights and thermostats to electric meters, fitness trackers, water pumps, cars, elevators, and even shoes, our world will be even more hyper-connected than it is today. 

That’s why safeguarding sensitive information is more important than ever. 

Whether sharing proprietary data with a potential partner or disclosing trade secrets to a trusted employee, a confidentiality agreement is essential for protecting your valuable assets. Our growing collection of confidentiality agreement templates is designed to give you peace of mind, knowing your confidential information is legally protected. From non-disclosure agreements to confidentiality clauses, our templates are customizable to suit your specific needs, ensuring that your secrets stay safe and secure… even the ones your shoes are reporting. 

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Why use a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement?

Using an NDA or confidential agreement prevents sensitive or confidential information about your business or an individual from being released into the public domain. While the foundational use of an NDA relates to keeping things confidential, there are several "real-world" reasons why you may benefit from having one.

  • You can better manage your data protection obligations. All businesses are subject to data protection regulations to some extent. Using an NDA or confidentiality agreement protects your data and any information relating to third parties or consumers that people or other businesses may need to view.
  • You can run your business more effectively. Having the whole world know how your business operates or what new products you have coming to market is not a sustainable platform for achieving success.
  • You can avoid adverse publicity. Internal data about your business may not always be flattering or show you in a positive light. Using a confidentiality contract can help prevent that data from entering the public domain and causing reputational damage to your company.
  • You remove any doubt about how data should be used. Working in “good faith” is nice, but usually not a good idea in the modern world. A confidentiality agreement makes it 100% clear what can and cannot be disclosed publicly.

Is a non-disclosure agreement the same as a confidentiality agreement?

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and confidentiality agreements share similarities as legal contracts designed to safeguard sensitive information. However, there are nuanced differences in their application and scope:

  • NDAs: Typically used in business and legal contexts, NDAs focus on protecting trade secrets, proprietary information, client lists, and financial data. They are commonly utilized in commercial transactions, partnerships, and negotiations.
  • Confidentiality agreements: Often employed in employment or personal scenarios, confidentiality agreements protect sensitive information shared between parties. They may cover topics such as employee agreements, personal relationships, or proprietary knowledge within a company.

Both types of agreements typically include:

  1. Contextual description: They outline the circumstances under which the agreement is established, referencing any relevant transactional documents or contracts.
  2. Definition of confidential information: They specify the types of information deemed confidential and require protection from disclosure.
  3. Usage parameters: They establish guidelines for how the parties may use the confidential information, including restrictions on disclosure, copying, or dissemination.

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