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Five reasons you should be using contract templates

Whether you have a legal team of thousands or you’re a one-person army responsible for everything from employment contracts to catering for the holiday bash, here are five reasons why integrating contract templates into your operations is a game-changer. 

But before we dive in, let’s go over what a contract template is. 

A contract template is a pre-prepared document outlining the terms and conditions one party establishes for another. Imagine it as a standardized form that provides a framework for all parties involved to review, comprehend, and ultimately agree upon.

1. Time saver

With contract templates, you no longer have to reinvent the wheel with each agreement. You streamline the process, saving valuable time. Thanks to the foundation in the template, even minor adjustments requested by either party can be easily accommodated.

2. Protection

Relying solely on informal methods like handshakes or emails leaves you vulnerable to exploitation. You safeguard your organization against potential risks and disputes by formalizing agreements with contract templates. Consulting legal experts ensures crucial terms are captured, offering peace of mind and protecting your reputation.

3. Professional image

Sending a well-crafted contract template signals professionalism and seriousness in your dealings. It's not about being overly formal but demonstrating preparedness and consideration for all parties involved. Your template reflects your commitment to fair and transparent transactions.

When you send it through Contractbook, the receiving party will have the same easy-to-understand experience you had while making the contract. 

4. Accountability

Contracts provide clarity and accountability, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings or breaches of trust. By setting clear expectations and standards for performance, contract agreements promote accountability and foster better outcomes for everyone.

5. Scalability

Standardized contract templates facilitate scalability by streamlining internal and external processes. They enable your organization (even if you’re a team of one) to efficiently handle increased volume while maintaining consistency and compliance. Plus, centralized documentation ensures continuity, even as changes happen within your organization.

What’s the difference between an agreement and a contract? 

To be honest, you’ll hear both words used interchangeably when people talk. But in legal terms, while "contract" and "agreement" may seem interchangeable, they represent distinct concepts. 

An agreement can be informal, often verbal, while a contract is formal and legally binding, requiring documentation. 

Agreements, sometimes called "handshake agreements," are flexible and informal arrangements between parties. However, their enforceability can vary, particularly in significant transactions or long-term commitments.

Contracts, on the other hand, are written documents outlining each party's obligations and responsibilities. They provide clear terms and legal protection, minimizing disputes and offering tangible proof in case of breaches. Utilizing contract templates can expedite the process while ensuring legal enforceability and clarity of terms.

Frequently asked questions

Do you need a contract template?

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If your venture involves serious business with others, then yes, you need a contract, and using a template makes the process much easier. 

Even if you're not quite ready for the complete legal treatment, a contract template for your situation provides a solid starting point.

Who signs a contract first?

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There's no strict protocol dictating who should sign first. Most importantly, all parties must be on board with the terms before putting pen to paper. So, only add your signature when you're fully prepared to uphold your end of the bargain.

Using a contract template simplifies this process since it's a document you can utilize repeatedly. This familiarity helps minimize surprises, making the signing process smoother for everyone involved.

Can I make changes to Contractbook’s contract templates?

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100% yes. Our templates include dynamic data fields you can edit and customize to fit your situation.

If you plan to make drastic changes, consult a legal professional before proceeding.

When does a contract become void?

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Hopefully, by the time you sign your contract, all parties will be on board and ready to go forward. However, issues can arise that cancel a contract, including: 

  1. Breach of contract: If one party fails to uphold their obligations outlined in the contract.
  2. Violation of public policy: If the agreement contradicts established laws or societal norms.
  3. Lack of consideration: If one party does not receive anything of value in exchange for their promises.
  4. Impossibility: If the fulfillment of the contract becomes impossible due to unforeseen circumstances.
  5. Material mistake: If there is a significant error or misunderstanding in the contract terms.
  6. Lack of capacity: If one or more parties lacked the legal capacity to enter into the contract, such as minors or individuals lacking mental competence.
  7. Fraudulent misrepresentation: If one party intentionally provides false information or conceals important facts during contract negotiation.

Are Contractbook’s contract agreement templates really free?

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Yes, every contract and agreement template is 100% free. 

You can download or use the template directly in Contractbook for an even better experience. You can edit it, send it out for signatures, and even store it with all your other contracts, keeping important renewal dates and obligations at your fingertips.  

Are Contractbook’s contract templates customizable?

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Contractbook's contract templates are customizable when you use us for editing. By importing our templates into the document editor with a Contractbook account, you gain access to a fully customizable format. 

You can also download our documents as static PDFs, but they won't offer the same functionality as when using them in Contractbook. (And who needs one more PDF to keep up with?)

Can I add an electronic signature with Contractbook?

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Yes, you can! Sign your contracts directly in the cloud — no need to juggle tools or platforms. Choose from a variety of easy, secure, and legally binding methods. Choose what fits you and your collaborators best. The choice is yours:

  • Sign with a click
  • Hand drawn
  • SMS Verification
  • Bank ID
  • National ID

With Contractboook, you can upload and sign contracts received from external collaborators (even PDFs). All contracts are welcome here.

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