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A simple plan for simple needs. Use one of our templates to create a contract, sign it and store it. Try digital contracts for free! 
Unlimited free digital signatures
100+ contract standard templates
Track the status of the contract
Gmail importer (new)
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This is basic digital contract management so you can send, sign and organise documents for more efficiency and a better overview.
Create, sign and store unlimited contracts
Unlimited custom templates
Organise your contracts with tags and folders
Sign PDF’s
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Collaborate in teams and manage your contracts throughout their entire lifecycle to get the maximum value out of your legal work.
Collaborate in teams, invite guests and share your legal work
Full post-signature management with features such as tasks and reminders
Full pre-signature management with features like comments, version history and reviews
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Integrate your advanced contract lifecycle management system with the rest of your tech stack.
For companies using large scale tech solutions
Single sign-on
Access our public API
Custom integrations
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Thunder Add-ons

Thunder automations

Power up your legal work with our smart and data-driven Thunder automations, integrations and add-ons!
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Custom automations

Automate your contracts and stop wasting time on tedious manual work.

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/One-off payment
Mass contract sending

Use a very few clicks to send out multiple contracts at once.

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Automated datacollection

Streamline how you collect data and use it to generate automated contracts.

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Template generator

Generate and upload templates with simple questionnaires

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Mass contract uploading

Upload all your old contracts to have everything gathered in one overview.


The Gmail Importer

Extract all contracts in your Gmail and upload them automatically to a single organised overview in Contractbook

“Contractbook’s great and customisable API plays a key role in our success”
Anders Holm-Thomas Sonne-Schmidt
CLO, Head of Legal, Risk & Compliance

Contract automation for the modern enterprise

Use our questionnaire-based contract automation to generate flawless contracts in no time. This automated drafter solution makes your contractual work more efficient, streamlined and compliant.

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Client-facing document automation

Make your expertise available with well-designed and user-friendly tech. Use our questionnaire-based contract automation to future-proof your firm.

Let your clients generate automated contracts with a questionnaire-based contract drafter.
A whitelabelled universe suited to your brand and based on client-centric legal design principles.
Use modern technology to develop new, tech-enabled business models and revenue streams.
We include priority technical support for both you and your clients.

Client Portal

Suit up for the future with a digital client-portal where you can manage and monitor your clients’ legal work.

A complete contract lifecycle management platform for your clients.
A whitelabelled universe suited to your specific brand.
A way to develop new scalable business models to increase your revenue and secure your clients’ loyalty.
A system that prepares your clients for a future with data-driven contract automation.
€  1245 /month
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Basic Solution Contractbook
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495 /month


Contractbook templates
Get access to hundreds of useful contract templates in various languages.
Custom templates
Create your own customised and dynamic contract templates directly on the platform.
Basic editor
Create your own contracts from scratch or edit your templates by using our editor.
Advanced editor
Use calculations, advanced formulas, sheets and other Excel-like expressions directly in the document.
Attach documents, images and tables to your contract.
Use a contacts list so you can easily find the correct recipients of your contracts.
Public search (DK, SE, NO)
Search for recipients in the Central Business Registry, directly in the contracts.
Template generator
Use the automated template generator to create templates in a smart way.


Unlimited free digital signatures
Sign contracts digitally by using our certified, legally binding two-factor verification.
National ID
Use certified National ID's such as the Danish NemID to sign your documents.
Audit trails
Follow the contract throughout its entire lifecycle with a complete audit trail.
Send on behalf of
Prepare and send contracts to be signed by others.


Organise your contracts with tags and folders to get a better overview.
Shared folders
Share entire folders with documents to increase transparency and ease collaboration on your team.
Upload to others
Upload documents to other team members' profiles
Unlimited storage
Store an unlimited amount of contracts in our secure, cloud-based data room.
Document search
You can easily browse through your contracts by using our search function.
Upload PDF
Import PDF files to the platform and sign them with our digital signature to make them legally binding.
Gmail Importer
Extract and upload all the contracts stored in your Gmail account - automatically!


Team management
Create a team on Contractbook to collaborate on your contracts and increase transparency in your organisation.
Multiple teams
Create multiple teams to collaborate with maximum flexibility.
Company admins
Customise the hierarchical structure of your organisation.
Share documents
Share documents throughout their entire lifecycle to increase transparency and collaboration.
Invite external guests to review your legal work and ensure compliance throughout the entire lifecycle of your contracts.
Negotiations (comments)
Add and resolve comments to a document. Use them to negotiate deals, correct mistakes and clarify details.
Team templates
Share templates in your team to ensure everyone works in the best possible contracts.
Global templates
Manage templates across your entire team from one central account.
Version history
Track changes in your documents and access different versions of the same draft.


Tasks and reminders
Contracts generate tasks throughout their entire lifecycle. Define and manage tasks to your contracts to ensure they are executed.
Tasks dashboard
Get the complete overview of tasks to your contracts throughout their entire lifecycle in a well-designed dashboard.
Activity feed
Track and analyse your performance by following all activities related to your contracts in one overview.
Extra fee
Status tracking
Follow the status of the contract througout its entire lifecycle: from draft, through signature proces and the execution of tasks.
Email notification
Set and receive notifications when your contract require actions from you.
Zapier integrations
Integrate Contractbook with thousands of other apps to automate your workflow in customised ways.
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Extra fee

Service and support

Contractbook support
We are always available in the chat or by the phone.
Priority support
Your support questions will be prioritised and answered as quickly as possible.
Dedicated customer success manager
We will assign you a dedicated personal customer succes manager that will help you achieve your desired outcome.
Access to trained technical support engineers
Our talented developers can give you specific technical assistance to solve your issues.
Extra fee
Extra fee
Extra fee
Extra fee
Implementation assistance, onboarding and training
Our talented onboard-specialist will make sure that the system is implemented in your workflow and that your employees are trained to use the platform as intended.
Extra fee
Extra fee
Extra fee
Extra fee
White-labelled platform
White-label parts of or the entire platform to suit your specific brand.
Extra fee
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Access to Public API
Get access to our public API, so you can create your own integrations.
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Single sign-on for Contractbook