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Juro vs Contractbook
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Contract lifecycle management is an important part of running a successful business and choosing the right software can make all the difference.

DocuSign vs Contractbook


This page compares two of the top-rated platforms – Contractbook and DocuSign – to help you choose the CLM that’s right for you.

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DocuSign is known for its electronic signature, although it does offer some contract lifecycle management (CLM) features. However, its core functionality is focused on providing a secure and efficient way to electronically sign documents.

It allows for multiple signers and sequential signing but does provide end-to-end automation of the contract lifecycle.

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Contractbook helps you to control and automate all of your organization's contract flow in one place. You can create, collaborate, sign, centralize, track and connect using a single tool.

Contractbook is more focused on connecting different departments with a larger focus on customer success and onboarding.


Simply looking at the price tag may not give you a comprehensive view of the overall cost of using DocuSign as compared to Contractbook. However, to better understand the total cost of ownership for each tool, let's analyze a typical subscription and compare the overall features being offered.

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Template Gallery

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Online Editor


Upload Contract Legacy

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Contract Generator


No Code Template Builder

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Bulk Sending

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Comments and Negotiation


Version History


End-to-end Contract lifecycle management


Why businesses choose Contractbook over DocuSign?

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The ROI of

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Check the gains that come from using contract lifecycle management

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Why customers choose Contractbook over Juro

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Pricing designed for companies with 11+ employees

Get a contract lifecycle management tool for your entire company - we don’t charge for additional seats

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Designed for all teams working with contracts

Get an overview of all your company’s contracts
in a single tools

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ROI positive in just 4 months

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Dedicated solutions for all teams working with contracts

See how everyone on your team can streamline their contract processes

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Streamline Processes Across the Entire Contract Lifecycle

House all your contracts in one organized location.

Keep everyone on the same page by syncing with your existing tech stack.

Never miss a deadline again by automating post-signature tasks.

Contractbook for sales

Closer Higher ACV Deals Faster to Grow Revenue

Never send out the wrong version of a contract again.

Stop waiting for approval with templates for your most frequently used contracts.

Eliminate non-sales tasks so your team can focus on closing.

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Automate Employee Onboarding So You Can Focus on the People

Create flawless, consistent employment agreements with easy-to-use templates.

Stay on top of termination dates and re-negotiations.

Connect with your HR software so your data flows seamlessly.

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Maintain Compliance Without Having to Review Every Single Contract

Keep contracts compliant and secure with version control and permissions.

Avoid wasting time reviewing every contract by creating approved templates.

Connect with your ERP software.

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