Fully secured, fully verified

SOC2 compliant
verification for contract management software

Profile verification

Only accounts with a verified email and phone number can create and sign contracts.

connection for contract management software

Secure SSL connection

We use bank-like SSL encryption for our SSL connection—SHA-256 with RSA Encryption.


Tested and certified

We are compliant with the SOC2 auditing procedure that ensures that we manage data and networks securely.


Two-factor signature

Our advanced two-factor signature applies a unique token issued via email and a secure one-time password sent via SMS.

storage for contract management software

Encrypted storage

Passwords and verification tokens are stored encrypted using state-of-the-art solutions.

testing for contract management software

Penetration testing

We are undergoing blackbox penetration tests regularly to assess risk posture and identify security issues.

We have undergone all necessary Security Assessment procedures to be classified as part of the Google Partner Security Program.

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