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Top 3 ChatGPT plugins for your contracts

Looking for AI-powered contract management solutions? Discover the top three ChatGPT plugins that will simplify your process. From contract summarization to automation and enhanced prompts, these plugins have you covered.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): What is it and how does it work?

This article will be your complete guide to memorandums of understanding (MOUs). We’ll explain what they are, how they work, and what they should include.

Contract Templates: Faster milestones and more celebrations

Discover how contract templates can speed up your workflow and use spaces to collaborate on templates with the rest of your team.

12 things you must include in your employment contracts

We have prepared 12 points here that you must consider including in your contracts.

Contractbook raises €3.5M led by Gradient Ventures and byFounders

Contractbook has raised €3.5 million from a syndicate led by GradientVentures, Google’s AI Fund and the Nordic VC-fund byFounders.

Contractbook announce $30 Million Series B to lead a revolt against PDF’s!

We are excited to announce our $30 Million Series B round to build the world’s best post-signature contract workflow and lead a revolt against PDF.

What managers should know about Generation Z work ethic
Who is Generation Z, what is their work ethic like, and how can you organize the workspace to suit their work ethic? Read all about Generation Z right here.
How to review contracts
If you're struggling with contract reviews, read this article to discover how to ensure that the terms of a contract are in your best interest.
What is compliance technology?
What is compliance technology? And what roles does big data, artificial intelligens, and machine learning play in compliance technology?
A decent legal proposal - everything you need to know to get a relationship off on the right foot
What is a legal proposal, and how do you make one? Read our thorough blog post about legal proposal right here.
What is a living document?
Living document, dynamic document, evergreen documents. The principle behind is a document that is continually edited and updated. Learn more here.
How to write a contract proposal?
What is a contract proposal and how do you write one? Everything you need to know about contract proposals is gathered in this blog post.
Contractbook raises $9.4 million in Series A funding
Contractbook has raised a $9.4 million in our Series A, led by Bessemer Venture Partners with participation from existing investors
Steps to building trust with contracts
Building trust is essential for a longlasting and good working relationship. Here are 4 essential steps to building trust with contracts.
Legal compliance: How to achieve it
What exactly is legal compliance? We will try to clarify this question, and shine a light on the steps you can take to achieve it
Automation: 5 jobs that will never disappear, and 5 that will be gone by 2030
The use of automation and AI increases and robots takes over our jobs. See the jobs that will never disappear, and the jobs that will be gone by 2030, here.
Everything you need to know about contract creation
What is contract creation and how is it relevant to your business? Read about contract creation to find out all you need to know with Contractbook.
7 benefits of contract management
Managing contracts can be a huge challenge. Learn the benefits of streamlining the process to supercharge your contract management.
Agreement versus Contract — What’s the real difference?
The terms agreements and contracts are often used interchangeably. Yet, agreements are not always contracts, though contracts are always agreements.
What is due diligence?
What is due diligence? The meaning changes from business to business in law, real estate and in business. Get the answer right here. Learn more with us.
Contractbook’s vision: The future of data-driven document automation is now
‍Contractbook's goal is to automate manual repetitive tasks for small and medium-sized companies in order to help them save time and minimize errors
The effectiveness of business process automation
Business process automation (BPA) is a vital part of the broader discipline of digital transformation.
Why you should use automated document generation
Automated document generation is relevant for all businesses using documents. Read more about why you should use automated document generation.
Improve tech company efficiency with contract automation
Are you looking to grow your company? Becoming more efficient is a good way to start. Learn how to improve tech efficiency through contract automation.