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6 Best Practices for Client Contract Negotiation

The world of client contract negotiations can be a messy and complicated one, however, these best practices can offer a leading light through the process.

7 Ways to Foster Collaboration Between Sales and Operations Teams

For a thriving business, seamless collaboration between sales and operations is vital. Learn how contract management can help in fostering a collaborative culture between the two departments.

Streamlining Operations Through Contract Management 

Disconnected tools in your tech stack can hinder informed decisions, especially with contracts, impacting your operations. As an operations leader, learn how to ensure efficient resource allocation and contract management while preventing data challenges.

How AI is Changing the Contract Management Landscape?

AI is revolutionizing contract management by efficiently extracting data from outdated formats. This transformative approach minimizes manual tasks, reduces error, and optimizes contract workflows.

Webinar: State of AI for Lawyers

A quick recap of our webinar on the State of AI for Lawyers

Top Thought Leaders for Contracts

With so much going on with AI, it isn’t easy to decide who to listen to and who’s mostly fluff. This is our roundup of the AI experts with valuable insights in the field of contracts.

4 Tips for Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Increase Sales
Looking to increase your sales in 2023? Take a look at these four tips for leveraging artificial intelligence in your business operations.
Top CRM Consultants to Integrate Your Entire Sales Tech Stack
Streamline RevOps with top CRM consultants. Optimize workflows and sales tech stack. Partner with Contractbook for expert HubSpot & Salesforce help.
Best Salesforce Integrations for Your Sales Team
Taking advantage of the best Salesforce integrations SaaS has to offer can help your team do more with less.
How to Automate Contract Renewals: Saving Time and Resources
Discover the power of automating contract renewals for significant time and resource savings. Simplify your workflow and optimize efficiency now!
How to Handle Contract Amendments: Modifying Agreements Effectively
Contract amendments change or clarify agreements in the face of new realities. In this guide, you'll learn how to effectively implement them.
Contract Management Compliance - A Simple Guide
Find out about the challenges of contract management compliance, and how you can make sure you're on the right side of regulations every time.
How to Maximize Revenue Through Centralized RevOps
Discover how Centralized RevOps enhances revenue by aligning sales, marketing & customer success. Overcome challenges & optimize strategies for growth.
Mastering Procurement Through Contract Management
Stop wasting time and money managing contracts inefficiently. Get our expert guide on mastering procurement through contract management now.
Contract Management Software - A Detailed Guide for 2023
Learn how contract management software can streamline your workflow, increase transparency, and improve collaboration in this detailed buyer's guide.
How to Drive Business Growth by Streamlining Revenue Operations
What’s the correlation between streamlined revenue operations and business growth? Find out here.
12 Key Performance Indicators for Measuring Revenue Operations Metrics
Looking to level up your Revenue Operations reporting? Here’s a list of 12 essential RevOps Key Performance Indicators you can start tracking immediately.
Legal Design: How to Craft a Seamless User Experience in the World of Law
Explore legal design and why it's crucial for creating a positive user experience and protecting your business's reputation.
Configure Price Quote (CPQ) vs. Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM): Similarities and Differences
Explore the roles of CPQ & CLM in high-growth companies. Understand their benefits, differences, and the impact of their integration on productivity.
Top 10 Ironclad Alternatives for Contract Lifecycle Management Software
Here are 10 Ironclad alternatives for contract lifecycle management that might better suit your budget, business size, and workflow.‍
Best HubSpot Integrations for Your Sales Team
RevOps and Sales leaders can avoid data silos with these 6 essential integrations for HubSpot.
What is Invoice Management Automation (And How to Get Started)
A complete guide to your invoice management automation process. Everything you need to know to get started with invoice automation workflow.
Contract Data Management: How to Maintain Data Integrity Across the Organization
Discover how to maintain data integrity across your organization by improving your contract data management with a CLM system.
New! Data Fields Help You Maintain Consistent Data Across Your Contracts—And Your Tech Stack
To help you keep your business info consistent, we’re adding a new feature to Contractbook: Data fields.
What 2023 Brings for Contractbook
See what's next for Contractbook as we hit the reset button and gain focus in the new year
Ways to Reduce Operational Cost using Contract Management Software in 2023
Optimize your business' contract lifecycle for cost reduction in 2023. Efficiently manage contracts to lower operational expenses.
Legal Templates: Do You Even Need a Lawyer?
Are legal templates a substitute for good legal counsel? See whether you should hire a legal professional.
Legal Portals - An Ultimate Buyer's Guide
A legal portal can be many things depending on who you ask, but in this ultimate buyer's guide we added everything you need to know before making a decision!
11 Best Document Collaboration Software Tools in 2023
Looking for the perfect document collaboration tools for your business? Here are the top 11 options for you.
6 Contract Management KPIs You Must Track for Success
Learn how to measure the stages in your contract lifecycle. In this post, we give the formulas required for successful tracking of contract management KPIs.
Collaborative Contract Management Benefits: How to Finalize Your Contracts More Quickly
Discover how to streamline and speed up your contracting process with collaborative contract management.
No More PDFs: Creating Contracts with CLM Software
Bring your contracts into the 21st century by creating contracts online.
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): What is it and How Does it Work?
Find out all about MOUs and how they work with this complete guide!
What Does A Service Level Agreement Include?
Find out what a Service Level Agreement includes and how it protects your business with this complete guide!
Critical Steps to a Successful CLM Implementation
Learn how to implement Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) to streamline contract creation, collaboration, tracking, and data management.
Contract Lifecycle Management Software: Benefits for Your Tech Company
Boost your tech firm with CLM software. Streamline contracts, enhance collaboration, and manage tasks efficiently.
How to Use Contract Management to Automate the Post-Sales Handoff (So Your AEs Can Get Back to Closing)
Make sure all your post-sales teams—Finance, CS, Marketing—have the information they need to make good on the nitty-gritty details of the sales agreement.
How to Hire a Sales Representative
Learn how to find and hire the rights sales representative.
Top 8 PandaDoc Alternatives in 2023
PandaDoc is software that helps you write good-looking proposals and frees up labor involved in a document workflow. But what are the PandaDoc alternatives?
Revenue Intelligence: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?
Revenue intelligence gives you a holistic picture of the status of your sales using relevant data and numbers...revenue intelligence can help your business
Contractbook Team Attending SaaStr Annual 2022
SaaStr is called the "Coachella of SaaS" for a reason. And for the first time, the Contractbook team will be attending.
How Andreas Cleve of Corti is Changing the Healthcare System for the Better, One Contract at a Time
Andreas Cleve, a serial entrepreneur, credits his success to a pivotal contract. Learn how it shaped his journey with Contractbook.
Sara Rywe from byFounders is Signing Contracts for a Living—and Loving Every Second of It!
Signing contracts for a living might not sound like the sexiest job in the world, but for Sara Rywe, it was a dream come true.
Top 10 DocuSign Alternatives in 2023
While DocuSign is one of the most popular solutions for e-signature technology, is it still the best option in 2023? Here are the top 10 DocuSign alternatives.
A Guide to SaaS Sales Metrics and How to Improve Them As A Growing Enterprise
Tracking SaaS sales metrics can show you how your business is performing and growing. Here are the best metrics to track, and how to score better on them.
Contracts and Sales Are Inseparable for Pleo’s Director of Sales & Partnerships
This is the story of how Ida Støier, Director of Sales & Partnerships at Pleo, drew from her talent in sales and landed her first major sales contract.
Best Contract Management Software in 2023 and How to Pick the Right One
Not sure which contract management software to buy? Here's a guide to find the best software for your business in 2023.
Contractbook Earns Summer 2022 G2 Awards for Contract Management Software
G2's Summer 2022 reports for contract management software rank Contractbook as a Momentum Leader, High Performer, and Users Most Likely to Recommend
Top 7 Trending Sales Tactics Changing the Game
What are the current sales trending tactics? And why should you maximize them in your business operations to connect with and leave customers satisfied?
Digital Signature Legality and Interest in the World
Are digital signatures accepted worldwide?
Digital Signatures Hold Strong Even as Remote Work Decreases
Covid-19 forced us to work remotely. Businesses sought temporary methods to stay safe, like digital signature. But what does the interest look like now?
15 Top Thought Leaders in Sales to Follow
Who are the Top 15 Thought Leaders within Sales and why should you follow them? Keep up with the newest Sales tips and hacks with these thought leaders.
This Signature Changed It All for SOUNDBOKS Co-Founder
Like so many great stories, this one starts with a bet. It ends with SOUNDBOKS co-founder Jesper Theil Thomsen signing the most important contract of his life.
Contract Templates & Spaces: The Keys to Faster Milestones and More Celebrations
Discover how contract templates can speed up your workflow and use spaces to collaborate on templates with the rest of your team.
The New Contractbook Brand: More Colorful, More Human, Celebrating the Contract
Signed contracts are the milestones that grow your business. See why Contractbook rebranded to become more colorful, more human, and more celebratory.
12 things you must include in your employment contracts
What do you need to include in a contract? And what would just be nice? Read our 12 tips here to make employment smooth and trouble-free!
What is Contract Lifecycle Management and how can it help your business?
Learn everything you need to know about Contract Lifecycle Management and how you can incorporate it in your business to promote productivity and efficiency.
7 Contract Management Problems With Using PDFs In Sales
If you want your business to thrive, think long and hard about the tools you use. Here are some of the key problems with using PDFs in sales.
Why PDFs are bad for business (and what you should do instead!)
Find out why and how you can replace PDFs with more evolved tech for higher returns and efficiency.
Why workflow automation is effective in business
Workflow automation is a vital pillar of digital transformation. Embracing workflow automation leads to smoother business processes and effective outcomes.
Keeping morale high in sales in the remote age (Or how I digitized the sales gong)
Sales gongs have been used in sales teams for decades to motivate sales reps. To maintain high morale in the remote age, I decided to digitize it.
Learn the Contract Management Basics for Tech Scaleups
Make sure your rapid growth phase ends in success. Learn all about the most important contract management basics for tech scaleups.
How to layout a contract with legal design
Legal design will help you create better and higher-value contracts. Get an insight into how to implement it right here.
Cracking the code to SaaS sales
There is serious windfall in the SaaS industry. Find out how to get going with SaaS sales right here.
How to improve your sales team’s efficiency through contract automation
Would you like your salespeople to perform better? Here’s how to improve sales team’s efficiency by 30% through contract automation.
WATCH: We finally updated our editor!
A revolutionary stride? no. No recreation of the wheel here. Nonetheless, these updates will enable you to create and execute your contracts!
Contractbook raises €3.5M led by Gradient Ventures and byFounders
Contractbook has raised €3.5 million from a syndicate led by GradientVentures, Google’s AI Fund and the Nordic VC-fund byFounders.
GDPR fines
In this article you will find everything you need to know about GDPR fines and penalties, and exampels of companies that failed to live up to the GDPR principles.
Contractbook announce $30 Million Series B to lead a revolt against PDF’s!
We are excited to announce our $30 Million Series B round to build the world’s best post-signature contract workflow and lead a revolt against PDF.
5 ways to scale your business using automation
What is scalability, and how scalable is your business? We have gathered 5 ways to scale your business with automation.
Attracting top talent: How to hire freelancers for your company
Freelance workers are for many companies undeniable, as they get access to a wide range of talent, save expenses and a greater degree of flexibility.
The importance of remote collaboration in a post COVID world
Managing remote collaboration is important, due to the pandemic, thus lockdown restrictions and the increasing tendency to work together remotely.
What exactly makes a legal document legal? And other FAQs
Read all about what a legal document is, what makes it legal, and how to cite a legal document right here in this blog post.
What is a digital signature and why should you use it?
What is a digital signature, how are they created, and what is the benefits? Read all about digital signatures right here in this blog post.
How legal tech can help your law firm meet its digital challenges
Read the guide about the different types of legal tech solutions you can use in your legal practice right here.
Employee story: Tarek, Director of Customer Success
In this employee story, we asked our Director of Customer Success, Tarek Slimani, how it is to work in Contractbook, what it means to be a leader here.
How can the legal profession embrace innovation?
What is legal innovation, and how can you embrace it in your legal practice? Read all about legal innovation right here in our blog post.
How to choose the best CRM for your business
CRM software helps you to manage your interactions with your leads and customers. A CRM software has the potential to supercharge your business growth.
What managers should know about Generation Z work ethic
Who is Generation Z, what is their work ethic like, and how can you organize the workspace to suit their work ethic? Read all about Generation Z right here.
Best HR software in 2023
HR software can help you win back time to focus on your employees. Here you will find six tools to help streamline your HR processes in 2021.
Why finance automation is a must for your business
How have your business processes evolved in the last few years? To what extent has tech automation gone from being a "nice to have" to a "must-have"?
How to create eSignatures and why it's smart for business
eSignature has become a valuable asset for modern-day businesses. Read this article to find out how they work and how to create yours.
Collaboration tools: 7 tools to ensure efficient teamwork
Looking for the best collaboration tools? Here are 5 tools to ensure efficient teamwork.
Contract Review Processes: how to review contracts
If you're struggling with contract reviews, read this article to discover how to ensure that the terms of a contract are in your best interest.
How To Measure The ROI Of Contract Management Software
Are you looking to improve your contract management system? Start by measuring the potential ROI of Contract Management Software for your business.
How Can Digital Signatures Accelerate Your Sales Cycle?
Did you know that digital signatures accelerate your sales cycle? Find out how they can do this through five real-life business examples.
Data privacy guide: What you need to know
The perfect guide for data privacy. We have gathered everything you need to know in order to be GDPR compliant.
What are smart contracts, and how can you work with them?
Smart contracts are a prime example of contract automation. We take a closer look at how smart contracts can and will make your business run more smoothly.
What is document automation and how does it help you?
Document automation has the potential to save you time, as it includes the entire lifecycle of a contract.
What is compliance technology?
What is compliance technology? And what roles does big data, artificial intelligens, and machine learning play in compliance technology?
Employee story: Vlado, a backend developer gone fullstack
Vlado Rosančić is a backend developer gone fullstack. Learn more about what he thinks it is like working in Contractbook and why he thinks it is a great place.
How will the Covid19 pandemic impact the future of work?
‍It is beyond any doubt that COVID-19 will reshape the way we live, socialise and work. We have investigated what that means for the modern company.
A decent legal proposal - everything you need to know to get a relationship off on the right foot
What is a legal proposal, and how do you make one? Read our thorough blog post about legal proposal right here.
How to write sexual harassment policy in 2020
How to draft a good company sexual harassment policy and what is the best practices for enforcing it? Learn it right here.
Peoples People! Here is how to approach The Great Resignation
People are resigning and changing jobs like never before to great frustration for many companies. So how do you create a sense of loyalty among your employees?
How To Make It In America
The US market is the holy grail for European tech startups. But what does it take to succeed? Find out in our brand new article series.
Enhancing Your Sales Process with a Sales Pipeline
What exactly is as sales pipeline, and how can you use it to enhance your sales process. Read on, to learn much more about a sales pipeline and how it works.
Design tips for your proposals that will land you more customers
The graphic design of your proposals have a significant influence on your leads. Here is 8 tips to write better proposals.
HR compliance - 7 issues to watch out for
HR compliance is a critical factor to get right. Therefore we have highlighted 7 issues that HR departments currently face and will continue to do so.
Contract management issues with PDFs and how to overcome them
Confused about how to manage the never-ending unsettling PDF contracts? Find out how you can deal with its associated low contract performance.
What is Contract drafting?
It does not need to be hard to do a contract drafting. Read all about what contract drafting is and how to draft and write a contract.
How to improve your team communication with Slack
Team communication is essential for an engaged and productive team. Improve the communication at work with Slack.
Employee story: Emilie, account executive
In this employee story, we have talked with Emilie about the culture and atmosphere in Contractbook. Read it to find out what it is like being an account executive here.
Using digital document sealing in your business
Document sealing has been around as long as documents themselves; evidence of their existence stretches back over 5,000 years.
What is a living document?
Living document, dynamic document, evergreen documents. The principle behind is a document that is continually edited and updated. Learn more here.

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