Company updates

The New Contractbook Brand | Contractbook
Signed contracts are the milestones that grow your business. See why Contractbook rebranded to become more colorful, more human, and more celebratory.
WATCH: We finally updated our editor! | Contractbook
A revolutionary stride? no. No recreation of the wheel here. Nonetheless, these updates will enable you to create and execute your contracts!
Contractbook's new Wet signature has arrived | Contractbook
Contractbook has added another signature option to its catalog. You can now sign with a secure digital wet signature.
What happend at Tech BBQ 2021? | Contractbook
What happened at Tech BBQ 2021. We discussed culture, and remote working while having fun and working to achieve objectives.
Keeping morale high in sales in the remote age
Sales gongs have been used in sales teams for decades to motivate sales reps. To maintain high morale in the remote age, I decided to digitize it.
How will the Covid19 pandemic impact the future of work?
‍It is beyond any doubt that COVID-19 will reshape the way we live, socialise and work. We have investigated what that means for the modern company.
How will the Covid19 pandemic impact the future of work?
‍It is beyond any doubt that COVID-19 will reshape the way we live, socialise and work. We have investigated what that means for the modern company.
WATCH: Full Text Search is here, no more needles in haystack
Full Text Search is an advanced search function that will enable Contractbook users to search the titles and body of documents for specific clauses.
Employee story: Tarek, Director of Customer Success
In this employee story, we asked our Director of Customer Success, Tarek Slimani, how it is to work in Contractbook, what it means to be a leader here.
Employee story: Vlado, a backend developer gone fullstack
Vlado Rosančić is a backend developer gone fullstack. Learn more about what he thinks it is like working in Contractbook and why he thinks it is a great place.
Employee story: Meet our designer Adam | Contractbook
Meet our designer Adam and read his employee story to learn more about what it is like in Contractbook and how you can boost your career in our workplace.
Employee story: Emilie, account executive | Contractbook
In this employee story, we have talked with Emilie about the culture and atmosphere in Contractbook. Read it to find out what it is like being an account executive here.
Contractbook raises $9.4 million in Series A funding
Contractbook has raised a $9.4 million in our Series A, led by Bessemer Venture Partners with participation from existing investors
The future of data-driven document automation is now
‍Contractbook's goal is to automate manual repetitive tasks for small and medium-sized companies in order to help them save time and minimize errors
Contractbook received funding from a Google-backed VC
Contractbook has raised €3.5 million from a syndicate led by GradientVentures, Google’s AI Fund and the Nordic VC-fund byFounders.
News! Contractbook Moves Into The UK Market
Following 5x growth during the pandemic, Contractbook has launched in the UK with a team of 8 and has already secured more than 40 new customers.
OneMinuteNDA to standardize the use of NDA's | Contractbook
Earlier this year, a visionary group launched the oneNDA movement to standardize the use of NDA's. Today, Contractbook can announce the OneMinuteNDA.
Contractbook for early-stage companies | Contractbook
Contractbook will give you the peace of mind that enables you to focus on your business. That is why we are giving 50% off to early-stage applicants!
Contractbook announce $30 Million Series B to lead a revolt
We are excited to announce our $30 Million Series B round to build the world’s best post-signature contract workflow and lead a revolt against PDF.
The fastest way to a new contract | Contractbook is your fast new shortcut to a new contracts. It saves you a significant amount of clicks and seconds. And it makes you feel young.
Contract automation with Contractbook | Our features
Contractbook offer a great variation of contract automation opportunities. We have listed some of the most used and loved contract automations on our platform.
Contractbook Focusing on Bolivian Amazon Reforestation
Discover how your digital signatures can help regrow the Bolivian Amazon and reduce carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.
Automate your KYC-process with Contractbook
Automate your KYC-process with Contractbook to polish your image with a more professional-looking solution.
A new foundation for your contracts | Contractbook
We believe that it’s time to rethink how we manage contracts. Contracts are broken and we are the solution: The new foundation for contracts.

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