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Top 10 DocuSign Alternatives in 2022
Contracts and Sales Are Inseparable for Pleo’s Director of Sales & Partnerships
This is the story of how Ida Støier, Director of Sales & Partnerships at Pleo, drew from her talent in sales and landed her first major sales contract.
5 Tips for Picking the Best Contract Management Software for Your Business
Why Are Digital Signatures Trending in Hawaii?
This Signature Changed It All for SOUNDBOKS Co-Founder
Like so many great stories, this one starts with a bet. It ends with SOUNDBOKS co-founder Jesper Theil Thomsen signing the most important contract of his life. Here’s how it all came about. 
Digital Signature Legality and Interest in the World
What is the current legal status and interest for digital signatures in the world, and why has countries chosen to legalize it?
Digital Signature and Interest in the world
What is the current legal status and interest for digital signatures in the world, and why has countries chosen to legalize it?
How has remote work affected the interest in digital signature
Covid-19 forced us to work remotely. Businesses sought temporary methods to stay safe, like digital signature. But what does the interest look like now?
What is the purpose of a contract? | Contractbook
What is a contract, and what are the purpose of a one? Read all about contracts in this blog post.
What is legal Document Automation and how does it work?
Legal document automation software is revolutionizing law firms and businesses. Read on to learn how and why you need to take advantage of one!
What is personal data and how do you define it?
Personal data is a set of information that helps identify an individual. The pieces of personal data can vary. However, if a selection of data that is used together can identify a person, then all that data is defined as personal data.
Legal compliance: How to achieve it | Contractbook
What exactly is legal compliance? We will try to clarify this question, and shine a light on the steps you can take to achieve it
What is GDPR and what are rules in EU? | Contractbook
What is GDPR? And what is GDPR compliance in the EU? Read on to find out and see enlightening examples
KYC - What is “Know your customer”? | Contractbook
What is KYC and why does it matter? Read on to learn more about the KYC procedure and how you can automate it.
What is CCPA and how do you become compliant? | Contractbook
In this article we cover the California Consumer Privacy Act, or the CCPA and provide you with a compliance checklist so that your business always stays on the right side of the law.
What exactly makes a legal document legal? | Contractbook
Read all about what a legal document is, what makes it legal, and how to cite a legal document right here in this blog post.
What is a clause in a contract? | Contractbook
Read all about what a contract clause is and take a look at some common cotract clause examples right here, so you can use them correctly.
What are the 7 principles of GDPR? | Contractbook
What are the principles of the GDPR? In this article you will find a guide to the 7 data protection principles, so that your business can stay compliant.
The implications of multiple document signers | Contractbook
Can a contract have multiple document signers, and what are the benefits of having multiple document signers? Read all about document signers here.
What is a contingency contract? | Contractbook
Read our guide about what a contingency contract is, how it is being used, and overall takeaways right here.
Higher tech efficiency with contract automation | Contractb
Are you looking to grow your company? Becoming more efficient is a good way to start. Learn how to improve tech efficiency through contract automation.
How to write a contract agreement? | Contractbook
Do you know how to write a contract? Read all about the important elements when you write a contract here in our blog post.
How to self-service contracts? | Contractbook
Are you looking to improve your contract process? Read on to learn how self-service contracts are a great way to promote efficiency in your business.
Gauge the ROI of Contract Management Software | Contractbook
Are you looking to improve your contract management system? Start by measuring the potential ROI of Contract Management Software for your business.
12 things you must include in your employment contracts
What do you need to include in a contract? And what would just be nice? Read our 12 tips here to make employment smooth and trouble-free!
How to manage contracts in Salesforce | Contractbook
To ensure your deals and contracts keep moving forward smoothly, here's what you need to know about managing contracts in Salesforce.
Everything you need to know about a decent legal proposal
What is a legal proposal, and how do you make one? Read our thorough blog post about legal proposal right here.
Informed consent from a human research perspective
Informed consent is an important topic to get right. If you get it wrong, you leave yourself open to legal proceedings. Learn the basics right here.
HR compliance: 7 issues to watch out for | Contractbook
HR compliance is a critical factor to get right. Therefore we have highlighted 7 issues that HR departments currently face and will continue to do so.
How to write a sales proposal? | Contractbook
What is a sales proposal, how do you write one, and what will the best sales proposal template include? Read it all here in our blog post.
Use digital signature to increase sales | Contractbook
Would you like your salespeople to significantly increase their conversion rates? Learn how to win more deals in sales with digital signatures.
How to secure a partnership agreement | Contractbook
Securing a partnership agreement is important in every business venture with a partner. Get to know how to secure a partnership agreement.
How To Close Deals Faster Through Contract Management
Learn how to close deals easier & faster through contract management starting from contract creation, approval to automation of workflows & reminders.
How to electronically sign a PDF | Contractbook
Are you tired of having to print, sign, and scan your documents? Stop wasting time and resources, and find out how to electronically sign a PDF.
What form can terminations take? | Contractbook
A termination is never a pleasent but how do you make the termination process go smoother? Read our blog post about termination right here.
GDPR fines and penalties: examples | Contractbook
In this article you will find everything you need to know about GDPR fines and penalties, and exampels of companies that failed to live up to the GDPR principles.
Full disclosure on what a non disclosure agreement really is
What is a non disclosure agreement, and what is the difference between a mutual and a unilateral non NDA? Find out in this blog post.
What is due diligence? Meaning and examples | Contractbook
What is due diligence? The meaning changes from business to business in law, real estate and in business. Get the answer right here. Learn more with us.
Digital document management with Contractbook
What is a digital document and digital document management? We've gathered all you need to know about digital documents in this blog post.
How to insert a digital signature in Word | Contractbook
Do you want to streamline your processes and do less admin work? Learn how to insert a digital signature in Word by following these five steps.
Benefiting from eSignature in Human Resources | Contractbook
More efficient HR teams get better results. Here’s how you can transform your business simply by using eSignature in Human Resources.
7 key benefits of digital signature | Contractbook
Are you looking to modernize your business and streamline your processes? Start by learning about the 7 key benefits of digital signature.
What is a data breach and how to prevent it? | Contractbook
What is a data breach, and should you be worried? Probably. You need to start now to get your cyber security in tip-top shape. Learn how right here.
Data privacy guide: What you need to know
The perfect guide for data privacy. We have gathered everything you need to know in order to be GDPR compliant.
HTTP cookies: Everything you need to know | Contractbook
What is a cookie? We are drowning in internet cookies every day. There's good reason to examine them. Get your answers to cookies in this post
Top 20 cyber security training courses | Contractbook
Want to start on a cyber security training courses? We've handpicked the top 20 best ones that are both free and not-so-free. Take a look and get more secure.
Contracts Vs Agreements - What’s the real difference?
The terms agreements and contracts are often used interchangeably. Yet, agreements are not always contracts, though contracts are always agreements.
Cyber attacks: what types are there? | Contractbook
Afraid of cyber attacks? We understand. Read this guide to find out which types of cyber attacks can happen and how to prevent it
Contract tracking made simple | Contractbook
After drafting contracts for business engagements, the next big question is how do you monitor a contract? Read this article to find out.
Contract Review Processes: how to review contracts
If you're struggling with contract reviews, read this article to discover how to ensure that the terms of a contract are in your best interest.
How to achieve a successful contract workflow | Contractbook
Would you like to work smarter, not harder? Optimize your company’s overall performance by learning how to achieve a successful contract workflow.
Contract Repository System | Contractbook
Contract repository system enables an efficient, secure, and paperless contract management process. Learn how to choose an effective contract management system.
Everything you need to know about using a Contract Template
Creating a contract from scratch can be time consuming. Therefore, we have listet 5 of the most essential contract templates for your business.
Contract Renewal | Your Ultimate Guide | Contractbook
A quality process for contract renewal saves your business time and effort. Learn how to streamline it so you can focus on big-picture stuff.
Contract Negotiation | Definition and Tips | Contractbook
Contract negotiation is a fundamental business practice in most organizations. Read on to find out what it is, why it matters, and how to optimize the process.
Contract Management Vs Contract Automation | Contractbook
What is contract management vs contract automation? Key differences between the two are important when choosing the right tools for your business.
7 Key Benefits of Contract Management | Contractbook
Managing contracts can be a huge challenge. Learn the benefits of streamlining the process to supercharge your contract management.
How to write a contract proposal? | Contractbook
What is a contract proposal and how do you write one? Everything you need to know about contract proposals is gathered in this blog post.
Buyer's guide on contract management software | Contractbook
Are you looking to get contract management software for maximum efficiency? Learn the intricacies and how you can get your business to perform much better.
8 benefits of contract management software | Contractbook
This article will give you the 8 greatest benefits of using a contract management software. Explore how you can achieve these benefits with Contractbook.
Contract Management System For Operational Efficiency
Would you like to increase efficiency, productivity and transparency? Try implementing a contract management system for operational efficiency.
What is Contract Management and key concepts | Contractbook
The foundation of any good business is effective Contract Management, and poor management can cost your business. Learn Contract Management with Contractbook
What is Contract Lifecycle Management? | Contractbook
Contract Lifecycle Management is a crucial contract process for all businesses. Find out what it is and how you can incorporate it to promote productivity.
Contract management issues with PDF and how to overcome them
Confused about how to manage the never-ending unsettling PDF contracts? Find out how you can deal with its associated low contract performance.
Optimize the process of writing a contract with Contractbook's five steps of CLM
What is Contract generation? | Contractbook
What is contract generation, what are the stages of a contract, and is automating contracts the future? Read all about contract generation here.
Contract drafting: what they didn’t teach you in law school
It does not need to be hard to do a contract drafting. Read all about what contract drafting is and how to draft and write a contract.
What are the elements of a contract? | Contractbook
What is a contract, what are the elements of a contract, and what makes it valid? Read it all right here in our blogpost.
Contract Creation: How to create a contract? | Contractbook
What is contract creation and how is it relevant to your business? Read about contract creation to find out all you need to know with Contractbook.
What is Contract Automation and how does it work? | Contractbook
Contract automation can increase efficiency and improve workflow. Find out everything about this crucial process and how you can set it up for your business in this post.
How to manage contracts better with contract bulk actions
Contract bulk actions let you perform multiple contract processes at once. This guide explains the fundamentals, types, and benefits of bulk actions.
A guide to Contract Approval Process | Contractbook
The contract approval process is one of the crucial parts of contract management. Read on to find out about key concepts, steps, and everything in-between.
11 Key Benefits of Contract Automation | Contractbook
The benefits of contract automation are nearly endless. Find out how switching from manual to automated processes could transform your business.
5 ways to boost your sales efficiency with Digital signature
When you’re running a business, every minute you waste counts. Learn about the five ways to boost your sales team's efficiency with digital signatures.
How to Create Automated Templates to Upscale your Business
Read this article to find out how to leverage technology in automating contract templates and save more time for high-value tasks.
Any Ideas on What eIDAS Is? | Contractbook
Every so often, a piece of regulation comes out that has an acronym exceptionally hard to figure out. eIDAS is one such acronym. Thankfully, however, we go on to fully explain it below. We do so because we think the idea behind eIDAS is so key, even if it hides behind an otherwise inexplicable five letter abbreviation. For, it is because of eIDAS that we can rely on electronic signatures, which makes signing legal documents and contracts not only easier but far more reliable than previous regulations achieved.
An Implied Contract: Everything You Need To Know
Read all about the pros and cons of an implied contract, what it is, and the meaning behind them right here.
Advantages of Digital Contracts? | Contractbook
Digital contracts work by moving all paperwork, hence reducing the time it takes to create a contract and many other benefits.

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