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Create, collaborate, & sign contracts without switching tools

Eliminate drafting errors, spend less time sending contracts back and forth, and make compliance extremely easy — all in one place.

Creating contracts
has never been this easy

Templates & data fields

Build and customize error-free contracts

Seamlessly integrate your existing templates and update them with precise data fields, guaranteeing uniformity across all contracts.

Whether location-specific clauses or employee-specific terms, you can include or exclude clauses based on customizable criteria, ensuring compliance and consistency.

Say goodbye to rogue edits and hello to controlled access. Template owners can assign access to team members (view, edit, manage), retaining complete control over who can modify templates.

Share & collaborate

Collaborate with full transparency

When was the contract redlined? What issues were discussed? Are you the right approver?

Get contracts to the finish line faster with real-time negotiations, automated approval workflows, and up-to-date version history — keeping you all on the same page.

You’ll have a transparent digital footprint of every change and the ability to see who did what. Plus, you can assign data fields to signees or collaborators and lock the rest from unwanted changes.


Sign securely
from anywhere

Sign your contracts directly in the cloud — no need to juggle tools or platforms. Collect signatures from anywhere, on any device, with the convenience and security of Electronic Signatures.

Choose from a variety of easy, secure, and legally binding methods. Specify a signing order and set your mind at ease with notifications along the way.

Worried about last-minute changes? Don’t be. With Contractbook, capturing final details is a breeze with Fill & Sign.


Build workflows to reduce your work

With Contractbook’s no-code automation builder, you can set conditional workflows based on contract data and say goodbye to the back-and-forth with your colleagues.

Get contracts to the finish line in a flash with real-time negotiations, automated approval workflows, triggered Slack messages, and up-to-date version history — keeping everyone on the same page.

It's teamwork at its finest.

Demo walkthrough

See how to create, collaborate on,
and sign contracts without endless paperwork

See how to create, collaborate on,and sign contracts without endless paperwork

Better decisions
start with a complete overview 

From 95% no-touch contracts to over 250 hours saved, having a centralized overview is where it all starts. 

“Better, more consistent sales agreements faster.”

“Contractbook empowers our sales team to make better, more consistent sales agreements faster. We get more control of our funnel and activate autonomy in every team at the same time, which makes our setup easy to scale and enables us to identify where we can improve. Since we implemented this sales agreement workflow, we have tripled our output.”

Ulrich Svarrer
CEO @ Bonzer

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