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Avoid paperwork. Creating contracts has never been this easy.

Contractbook is the fastest and easiest way to create a new contract. Auto-generate docs by answering a simple questionnaire, or use your own templates.

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Template editor

Because “It’s how we’ve always done it” isn’t good enough.

Airtight contract templates that can be edited according to your specific requirements — within minutes — with our seamless template editor.

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Contract editor

Draft contracts your way.

The built-in contract editor gives you the power not only to properly format your doc, but also insert different media formats, tables, and functions—as well as sync your data.

Check out our contract editor in action

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Editable fields

Turn text into data.

Editable fields turn your contracts into reusable templates that can be updated automatically.

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Version history

One place to track all document changes.

No more comparing PDF versions side-by-side to track down changes. Be aware of all changes within one document.

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Contract generator

Create flawless contracts in no time.

Save time and reduce errors by using templates and intuitive questionnaires to auto-generate new contracts.

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Template library

Consistent contracts are key.

Use templates to speed up your contract creation process and eliminate unnecessary duplicates.

Get inspired by 80+ dynamic contract templates

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Contract import

Import existing contracts & never miss deadlines.

Organize all of your contracts under one roof. Upload vendor PDFs and create reminders from auto-detected dates and task suggestions.

Upgrade your online contract creation process for 3X ROI!

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Customer Use Cases

TSH Collab loves Contractbook
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TSH Collab is saving almost 45 minutes per contract with their access to legally updated contract templates and a streamlined smart contract creation workflow.

Mutebox Loves Contractbook
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100% contracts correct, 80% time saved, and 0% deals missed, MuteBox is living the contract creation and workflow dream.

Bonzer loves Contractbook
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With a setup on Contractbook, Bonzer has more empowered employees when it comes to contracts leading to 3X output.


How to write a good contract?

Contracts are the backbone of a business and knowledge to write a good clear contract that secures satisfaction and improves your business relationships is a must-have.

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