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Learn how Lenus is pioneering growth through simplified contract management for their legal, people, and sales teams




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Learn how Lenus is pioneering growth through simplified contract management for their legal, people, and sales teams
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Lenus, a high-growth company providing SaaS solutions for top-tier health and fitness coaches, recognized a challenge: slow contractual processes prevented them from reaching their full potential. From roots in Denmark to branching out across seven countries, their contract count soared, requiring a faster and easier solution that didn’t require hiring additional teams. 

The legal department of tomorrow

In their initial phase, Lenus trudged through a manual contract routine. A single contract took 15 or more minutes every time. The math translated to almost 390 hours in a year. Waiting up to four days for contracts to move forward became a silent inhibitor to their rapid growth.

We have this overall goal in the legal department to build the legal department of tomorrow, and that’s where Contractbook is our partner in crime.Jonathan Hjelholt Jensen, Legal Counsel

This is where a touch of modern contract management made a difference. Integrated with their trusted systems - Salesforce, Greenhouse, and HiBob - the contract time was optimized from 15 minutes to just 5. That means a data-driven department where everything scales, so more contracts don’t mean more people in the legal team.

Drafting a contract is more or less just as easy as ordering a pair of shoes on Zalando.”  Jonathan

The standout transformation was in scalability. Lenus's ability to juggle a tenfold increase in contracts without stretching their team thin speaks volumes of their adaptability. Moreover, the turnaround for contract finalization dipped to a mere ten minutes, enhancing their agility in the market.

Fully automated solutions for sales and people

In close collaboration, Contractbook and Lenus have co-developed the perfect solution for Lenus’ legal department that integrates with Salesforce and enables their key account managers to auto-generate sales contracts based on up-to-date templates.

When a lead is ready to sign a contract with Lenus and reaches the right deal stage in Salesforce, the key account manager receives a simple questionnaire where they fill in information about the deal. Jonathan and his legal department have pre-created templates for all their different markets based on the data points in Salesforce using the replies in the questionnaire. Now, a flawless final contract with all the right data points is auto-generated within seconds, no matter what market type.

By setting up these boundaries for a standard contract, the key account managers can add the provisions and specific sections of the contract based on some yes and no-questions and some explanatory text in the questionnaire,” Jonathan explains.

Once the questionnaire has been submitted, the final contract is automatically sent to the coach so they can sign it.

With the boundaries we’ve set up, I’ll say the contract will just go through to signature 95% of the time, Jonathan says.

Instead of reviewing every single contract, Lenus’ legal team now needs to get in only 1 out of every 20 contracts. This is a phenomenal no-touch rate.

Once the deal is signed, some basic metadata about the contract, such as timestamp, market, etc., is added to a datasheet, while their Finance team receives an update with bank details, contact info, and payment terms. 

For their People Operations team, Lenus’ recruitment software Greenhouse and their HRIS HiBob are integrated with Contractbook. 

Once a new employee is added in Greenhouse, data automatically feeds to HiBob and then to Contractbook where a new employment contract is auto-generated based on the country and the employment-specific templates created in Contractbook. In the end, someone from the People’s Ops team has to review and sign it before it’s sent to the new employee. 

As soon as the contract is signed, it is automatically transferred to HiBob, and a media policy agreement is pre-populated and sent to the new recruit on their first day. 

Clear, calculated ROI

Lenus has calculated a very clear return on investment from their automated setup with Contractbook. So far, they’ve transacted about 10,000+ automated contracts. 

“You have the additional gains of having a better data overview. We save time on finding the contracts, and I haven’t added that to this number. It’s also more intuitive for the key account manager, so they’re probably also saving some time,” Jonathan explains. 

If it was a manual process, we'll probably need another person. But now, when we have automated the process, it doesn't matter whether it's 1000 or 10,000 contracts. All in all, it’s been a huge success.” says Jonathan. 

They also have much cleaner contract data because they don’t have to use PDFs for their contracts: “In everything we do in Lenus, we want data to be our competitive edge. In legal, that would be by delivering insights where I see Contractbook as the main contributor,” Jonathan says. 

“If we can see that it’s always the same section or provision that is challenged, then we can make sure it’s clarified, so the counterpart gets a better experience, and we get fewer questions. If you don’t have that data and don’t know whether this section has been challenged twice or 200 hundred times, then you can’t improve.” 


To sum it up, Lenus' visionary approach to contract management, supported by modern tools, propelled them to handle increased volumes with grace. Through strategic choices and embracing simplicity, Lenus has charted a course for exponential growth.

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