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Danish IT Trade Organization

ITB: Empowering Danish IT Companies through a Custom Legal Portal


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As a trade organization, ITB decided that they wanted to help their members enter a new era of legal documents. In collaboration with Contractbook, and the prominent Danish law firm DAHL, ITB built a custom whitelabelled legal portal for their members to use.

ITB: Empowering Danish IT Companies through a Custom Legal Portal
Danish IT Trade Organization
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ITB, or “IT-Branchen”, is the Danish trade organization for IT and telecommunication companies. With a membership that spans from one-person startups to multinational corporations, ITB is the largest IT organization in Denmark. The organization has experienced an 18% year-over-year growth, largely due to an influx of new members from high-growth companies in the IT sector.

The organization provides services to help their members gain competitive advantages in international environments. They host meetings and training sessions, facilitate networks and influence the political agenda, in order to make it easier for Danish IT companies, to focus on running their business. 

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A Vision for Digitization and Societal Growth

ITB is passionate about creating a society that grows with Denmark as a beacon for digitization and the use of technology to benefit the climate, the economy, and the individual Dane.

The organization provides a range of services to help its members gain competitive advantages in international environments. These services include hosting meetings and training sessions, facilitating networking opportunities, and influencing the political agenda to create a more conducive business environment for Danish IT companies.

The Need for Legal Portal Services

Modern companies are going through rapid digitization to optimize their workflows, and legal document work is no exception. Repetitive work often associated with these documents can be tedious, time-consuming, and mundane, taking resources away from higher-value tasks. To address this, ITB decided to help their members enter a new era of working with legal documents.

A Partnership for Growth and Innovation

In collaboration with Contractbook and the prominent Danish law firm DAHL, ITB built a custom whitelabelled legal portal for their members. The portal includes multiple legal documents that have been automated, with tooltips, guidance videos, and links to more extensive knowledge. This enables the members to generate high-quality legal agreements autonomously, without purchasing legal services or having to confer with lawyers or other legal professionals.

Beyond document automation, the portal offers numerous legal services, such as unlimited use of

  • Digital signature
  • Legal hotline
  • Whistleblower solution
  • Policy management solution

Benefits of the Portal for ITB and its Members

Members can easily access the legal portal from the ITB website. The legal portal has provided several benefits for ITB and its members. They can navigate to the legal document or service they wish to use, draft their documents, negotiate directly in the cloud, sign agreements digitally, and store securely.

ITB has seen increased membership sign-ups, increased membership value, better retention, and increased earnings. On the other hand, members have benefited from cost savings, digitized processes, improved compliance, and an all-in-one platform for digital signature, storage, and drafting.

Key Results

Since the launch of the portal, there has been an increase in document creation, active members, document completion, and usage year-over-year. These results indicate that more members are taking more value from their membership to ITB​.

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Burd faced a huge administrative burden connected to recruiting in just sorting out the paperwork and ensuring all the legal formalities are in place.


The manual touchpoints are automated from the moment a new employee goes through their form on the website until they arrive at Burd's facility for their very first gig.

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Thanks to Contractbook, Burd gained at least 15 minutes per recruit of saved time and a much more error-prone and compliant setup.