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Get insights from data so you make better business decisions

With all your contracts in one place, you can quickly search, track, and extract data to identify opportunities, trends, and more.

Unlock the total value
of your contract data


Have a clear overview of your contracts and their details

With all your contracts centralized, you’ll always have an overview of important details and contract data. No more time wasted hunting them down in emails, folders, and sub-folders.

Plus, you can quickly find the right contracts and organize them based on the relevant criteria exactly when you need them.

Filters & columns

Filter, search, sort, and organize your contracts

Whether it's legal, financial, or other contract data, any static contract can be turned into a powerful database, giving you the information you need in seconds without extra admin work.

Customize your views by filtering through source templates or contract types, then add relevant data fields as columns. With Contractbook, organizing your contracts becomes a breeze, putting essential information at your fingertips.

Search & sort

Search and find valuable contract insights

Easy to find, easy to understand. Find contracts and their data quickly, and get the details you need at a glance. Maintain a clear overview of past and third-party contracts effortlessly, thanks to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and automated metadata values.

Use OCR scans to sort views by criteria such as ascending expiry date and seamlessly search for content within old contracts. With Contractbook, finding what you need has never been easier.


Never miss a deadline again

Dive deep into your contract data and stay on top of renewals, deadlines, and obligations with automatic reminders and tasks.

Drawing from the contract data stored in the centralized repository, Contractbook lets you set up recurring reminders and notifications based on contract data fields.

Want a better deal and money saved? Use the AI-generated insights to start renegotiations faster with automatic reminders. Plus, de-risk agreements and empower your business to make more strategic decisions.

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See how easy it is to visualize
your contract data

See how easy it is to visualizeyour contract data

Better decisions
start with a complete overview 

From 95% no-touch contracts to over 250 hours saved, having a centralized overview is where it all starts. 

“Better, more consistent sales agreements faster.”

“Contractbook empowers our sales team to make better, more consistent sales agreements faster. We get more control of our funnel and activate autonomy in every team at the same time, which makes our setup easy to scale and enables us to identify where we can improve. Since we implemented this sales agreement workflow, we have tripled our output.”

Ulrich Svarrer
CEO @ Bonzer

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