Save up to 1.5h per contract by syncing them with Hubspot

Generate smarter sales contracts. Stay on top of renewals and deadlines for good.

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Boost ROI of Hubspot CRM by generating smarter sales contracts

Generate smarter sales contracts

Pre-fill Contractbook templates with data from Hubspot, and error-proof your drafting process.

Use Hubspot deal stage updates as the trigger for contract automation

Let your deals and pipeline be the source of truth it's meant to be. Utilize the logged data on deals to automatically draft contracts and forget about the possibility of human error.

Sync back data from signed contracts

Use the opportunity from a signed agreement to validate your source of truth, so that any potential change from a negotiation phase is reflected back on the original property it was populated from.

All your contracts in one place

Your Home page provides the clarity and overview you need for your organization's contracts. Be sure you're always on top of upcoming due dates, pending approvals, and signature requests.

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“I’ve saved 15-20 hours of manual work.”

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“This saved me 15-20 hours of manual work to extract contract data from ca. 50 of our legacy DPAs. A daunting task that I had been kicking down the road for a long time.”

Dennis Benneballe Arnold-Grade
Compliance Officer @ Bizzkit

“We miss 0% of our

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“With reminders, we no longer miss out on any deadlines that can have a really big impact on the business.”

Louise Koustrup
Head of Legal @ GANNI

"70-80% data extraction is pretty good to me."

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"70-80% insight into a vendor agreement is pretty good to me, because usually I have 0%."

Saroi Tharisayi
Head of Legal @ Pave

“A one-stop shop for our contracts.”

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“I needed a one-stop shop for our contracts. I now know where everything is and it’s much easier to find them when I need to.”

Jonathan Ufland
Senior Legal Counsel @ Zapp

“It will save a huge amount of time.”

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“It will save a huge amount of time from copying and pasting and typing these details. And I think this is wonderful.”

Kate Galea
Operations Manager @ Datapraxis

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