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This office hotel saves 45 minutes per rental contract by using Contractbook


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Contractbook saves us 45 minutes per contract,” Isabelle de Geus, Co-working Coordinator. 

This is the story of how TSH Collab streamlined and simplified their contract management processes in order to save time and gain a much better overview of their contracts. 

This office hotel saves 45 minutes per rental contract by using Contractbook
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A cumbersome process

TSH Collab is an Amsterdam-based office hotel for the new generation of young entrepreneurs, digital nomads and startups challenging the status quo. It’s a modern, well-designed place connecting people in the Dutch startup community. 

Prior to using Contractbook, TSH Collab had a traditional contract management setup for the contracts with their tenants, which didn’t match the modern feel of the building. They were using MS Word files, made into PDFs and sometimes they would even involve printers and scanners. 

That meant they were wasting time on contract management, didn’t have a good overview of all their deals, and had to spend too much energy making sure everyone on their team was working in the same updated templates in order to maintain a decent level of constituency in their contracts. 

To avoid mistakes and ensure everything was in place, TSH Collab had created a cumbersome process with too many steps and manual touchpoints. 

Contracts, simplified. 

With Contractbook, TSH Collab has turned their previous process into a streamlined workflow. All their rental agreements are drafted, negotiated, signed and stored in a smooth process managed solely on Contractbook’s digital platform. 

The steps are single. They can create a new contract in a few minutes using an updated template that they fill in with data. Signing it takes a few seconds, after which it’s automatically sent for the new tenant. After they sign (also using an eSignature), the deal is automatically uploaded to TSH Collab’s organized repository. 

TSH Collab manage all their templates from a central account. From there, the templates are shared with all employees dealing with contracts, so they always know which version to use. If they need to make an update, they just update the central template that everyone has shared access to. 

In that way, they’ve gained a modern and simple workflow for managing contracts.

45 minutes per contract

Co-working coordinator in TSH Collab, Isabelle de Geus, has told us that: “Contractbook saves us 45 minutes per contract.” There is almost no manual work left in the process, the only thing that takes time is for the tenants to read and review the contract. In fact, TSH Collab informs us that Contractbook has helped them reduce the entire process by eight steps. Everything is streamlined and efficient. 

Secondly, Isabelle de Geus mentioned that “I get peace of mind from knowing that I always use a contract template that is up-to-date legally.” She and her colleagues won’t have to worry about using the wrong template and if something changes regulatory, updating everyone’s templates takes no time, which helps them mitigate compliance risks. 

Turbo-charge your contracts

Contractbook is made for companies, like TSH Collab, transacting a high velocity of low complexity contracts. 

Most people find contracts boring and intimidating. However, it’s Contractbook’s ambition to make working with contracts a stress-free experience where there is little risk of making mistakes, and everything runs fast and efficiently. 

You can create simple, time-saving solutions like TSH Collab, or even turbo-charge your workflow with automation features that enable you to auto-generate flawless contracts in no time and build self-executing post-signature workflows. 

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