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Co-working Coordinator @ TSH Collab

“Contractbook saves us 45 minutes per contract.”

With a Team-setup, TSH Collab always have access to legally updated contract templates and the digital workflow has decreased their process by 8 steps.

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“Contractbook saves us 45 minutes per contract”

TSH Collab is the co-working space of The Student Hotel with different locations throughout Europe. Before using Contractbook they would use a traditional setup with Word-files, PDF's, printers and scanners which took up a lot of time and did not give them a very good overview of the contractual processes. They also had to spend a great effort on updating everyone's contract templates whenever something changed legal-wise, and it was hard making sure that they were always using the latest versions of the template.

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“I get peace of mind from knowing that I always use a contract template that is up-to-date legally”

Today, TSH Collab has a Team-setup on Contractbook that enables them to access each-others templates across departments and countries. In this way, they always know that they work with the latest version and if something changes legally, they instantly have a legally updated template. Furthermore, the digital workflow has decreased their process by 8 steps and saves them 45 minutes per contract.

The greatest value:

Legally up-to-date!

By using legally updated contract templates and sharing them across your organisation, you save time and ensure compliance.
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