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Here is how Soho & Noho got all their legal documents organized and under control with Contractbook.


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“Contractbook enables me to keep track of all my contracts,” Casper Bak, owner. 

Here is how the fashionable office hotel, Soho & Noho, managed to organize and streamline their contract workflow and achieved total peace of mind. 

Here is how Soho & Noho got all their legal documents organized and under control with Contractbook.
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Lack of structure

Soho & Noho are some of the trendiest office hotels in Copenhagen. Thanks to their modern facilities and creative office environments, they’ve managed to attract more than 800 members and residents. 

Such many residents mean that Soho & Noho also transact a high number of contracts. It’s mainly rental agreements with their residents, of course, but also employment contracts with their growing number of employees. 

Before using Contractbook, Soho & Noho struggled with the structure of their legal documents. They used to manage their contracts in long email threads and pdf.-attachments which was an inorganized and frustrating way to work with contracts. Even though their previous setup was digital and cloud-based, it was even less structured and safe than their old physical archive of printed contracts. Contracts could be lost and forgotten, deadlines missed, and obligations overlooked. 

At the end of the day, Soho & Noho had trouble keeping track of all their contracts.

End-to-end contract management 

With Contractbook, Soho & Noho have an all-in-one contract management software that enables them to keep track of all their legal documents from A to Z. Everything from contract creation and negotiation to the digital signature, and the organized storing of their documents is managed in Contractbook’s platform. 

Their team is set up so their owner, Casper Bak, can keep track of all their legal documents from a central account. At the same time, all relevant employees have independent profiles with access to the relevant templates and all their done deals. That way, Soho & Noho have a clearly defined hierarchy with compliant access management and the ability to share work within their team. 

Now Casper Bak knows exactly where his documents are sent, signed, pending or how far they are in the process. 

Total peace of mind

Now, owner Casper Bak has a total overview of all Soho & Noho’s legal documents. He knows exactly whether a contract is sent, signed or pending - and he can always find his documents since they are all organized in sorted lists and folders in Contractbook. 

Being able to track the entire process ensures that nothing is lost. “We have achieved the overview we wished for,” says Casper Bak. 

With this overview, Casper Bak can have total peace of mind knowing that Soho & Noho’s contracts are under control. In case he needs to check something, he can find what he needs with just a few clicks. 

One place for contracts

Companies like Soho & Noho prefer Contractbook because it enables them to manage all their contracts in a single, safe and streamlined repository. Everything is organized, accessible and actionable, so it’s easy to keep your contract operations smooth and disruption-free.  

You can stay on top of deadlines and obligations with auto-reminders and self-completing tasks. And by keeping track of all your activities and receiving important alerts, you can ensure you always have a finger on the pulse of your business. 

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