"Contractbook enables me to keep track of all my contracts"

Soho & Noho uses Contractbook to create clear structure in their legal affairs. A list of sorted documents gives them full overview of all contracts in circulation.

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"Contractbook enables me to keep track of all my contracts”

Soho & Noho uses Contractbook to create clear structure in their legal documents. They used to struggle with long email-threads and multiple pdf.-attachments which caused a lack of structure and frustration for their employees. Even though their setup was digital and cloud-based, it was even less structured than their old physical archive. Such a situation causes contracts to be lost and forgotten, and deadlines to be missed.

“We have achieved the overview that we wished for”

Now, Soho & Noho use Contractbook til send and sign all new contracts from a central profile. All relevant employees are connected to this profile and structured in a defined hierarchy. They always keep track of what contracts are sent, signed and pending. Soho & Noho now have a distinct list of sorted documents so they have full overview of their contracts in circulation as opposed to earlier, when the contracts were often lost in long email threads.



Soho & Noho is an office hotel in central Copenhagen with more than 600 tenants.

The Greatest Value:

Contractbook makes it easier to manage and keep track of the contracts that have been sent and are pending.

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Using a totally digital setup is not only quicker and easier. It is also making Talentgarden waste way less paper.