The knowledge you need to automate contract management.

From Verbal Agreement to Signature: Getting Your Contract Over the Finish Line

For many companies, the contracting process is anything but seamless with delays leading to wasted time and unmet revenue targets. Learn how can you ensure that once you have the verbal yes from the buyer, the contract comes soon after in this eBook.

Employment Directive Whitepaper

This New EU Directive Forces You To Make New Employment Contracts - Here is how to stay compliant!

Five ways to Automate your Sales Contracts with Contractbook

By taking a look at these five tips to automate your processes you are on the way to building a business that is geared for growth and is fully scalable.

An Introduction to Contract Management

Contract management software is developing from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have. The advantages of implementing a contract management software are plenty. Learn more about what to look out for here.

Business Case for Contract Management in the SaaS Industry

Learn how SaaS companies can accelerate growth and generate ROI in the shortest possible time with contract management automation

How to stop copy-pasting and automate your workflows

It’s widely acknowledged that the future of work is going to be connected, data-driven and automated. But how do we get there? Learn more about how to get rid of manual routine tasks with document automation.

Contract Automation Cheatsheet

Find out how to leverage contract automation to get rid of manual work and close more deals

How to write a good contract

Contracts are the foundation of a business. Learn how to write a good clear contract that secures satisfaction and improves your business relationships.

An Introduction to Contract Automation

Contract automation is becoming more and more common. Automation tools are leveraged by law firms and enterprises all over the world to increase workflow efficiency, mitigate legal risks and generate profit outside normal office hours. Learn more about the technology here.

Contracts 101 - Your basic guide to contracts

Contracts 101 will give you the complete lowdown on contracts. It includes a dictionary of legal terms, a guide to the most commonly used contracts and a brief introduction to the best practices of contract management and automation.

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Industry insights you won’t delete. Delivered to your inbox weekly.

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