Employment Directive Whitepaper

This New EU Directive Forces You To Make New Employment Contracts - Here is how to stay compliant!

A lot has happened in the past three years. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez got back together. England made it to the final in the Euros. And lost (thank god!). We got hyped up about Squid Game for like two weeks until everybody had binged it and immediately forgot about it. Meanwhile, we’ve been through so many covid-variants that it seems like we’ve given up on giving them proper names. (Is it B.1.575 now?)

Nobody is going to blame you if you forgot that the EU’s Directive on Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions was ratified in 2019, which means that it comes into force now after a three-year implementation period.

With this directive, European countries must adjust their employment laws. What’s even more important, companies employing people based in the European Union will have to revisit their employment contracts and templates to ensure they comply with the new standards and avoid potential fines.

It’s not a new GDPR situation, so don’t panic, but there are significant new changes that all businesses must consider and act on. In this humble text, Contractbook will guide you through the new directive and what it means for your contracts. We will give you:

  • A brief background (only for the nerds, you can skip it if you are more practical),
  • An overview of all the changes,
  • And some practical guidance on how to implement all these changes with the minimum effort.

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