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Quickly define crucial aspects of a deal when renting or leasing your property. Fill in the details in the template, and use Contractbook to get your agreements e-signed quickly.

Buying or selling real estate can be a complex and daunting process. Whether purchasing a new home or leasing commercial property, having the right real estate contract is essential for protecting your interests and ensuring a smooth transaction. 

Our growing collection of real estate contract templates is designed to simplify the contracting process, allowing you to navigate the real estate market with confidence. From purchase agreements to lease agreements and subletting contracts, our templates cover a wide range of real estate needs, making it easier than ever to finalize agreements quickly and securely.

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What you need before filling out a rental agreement

A lease or rental agreement outlines the terms, conditions, and responsibilities of all parties renting or leasing equipment, goods, or property. Here’s what you’ll need before signing: 

  • Details of leased property: Clearly state what is being leased, by whom, and for what purpose.
  • Lease duration and payment: Specify the lease's start and end dates, payment amounts, due dates, and methods.
  • Deposit requirements: Define the amount and purpose of any required deposits and outline procedures for handling them.
  • Rent adjustments: Specify conditions for rent adjustments, including timing and procedures.
  • Property condition: Document the lease property condition at the beginning of the agreement and outline procedures for addressing any discrepancies upon termination.
  • Insurance and tax responsibilities: Clarify who is responsible for property insurance, taxes, and associated fees.
  • Maintenance and utility costs: Outline responsibilities for ongoing maintenance and utility expenses.

Specialized lease agreement templates are used to suit specific needs:

  • Commercial lease agreement: Designed for leasing commercial premises or equipment.
  • Rental of office space agreement: Tailored for renting office space to tenants.
  • Lease option agreement: Offers tenants the opportunity to purchase the property at the lease's end.
  • Lease termination agreement: Used when both parties agree to terminate the lease before the agreed-upon date.
  • Sublease agreement: Allows tenants to rent out the property to another party.

At Contractbook, we understand the complexities of lease agreements, so we’ve created customizable templates to suit your needs. Whether leasing commercial space or renting equipment, our templates make the process seamless and worry-free.

Why use a contract template for lease and rental agreements?

Centralizing your contracts with templates removes the boring job of starting from scratch each time you draft a contract. With standard contract templates, you can get your property leased quicker and handle more than one property without hiring extra staff. 

Standardization also streamlines the revision process, saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent looking through each contract individually. You can reuse templates as needed, aligning with your needs and reducing unnecessary delays.

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