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Office lease agreement


Have reached the following understanding regarding the rental of office space (the "Agreement").

1. The rented

1.1 The rented constitute AN OFFICE/AN OFFICE SPACE located at the address FULL ADDRESS.

1.2 The rented is a part of OFFICE OR COMMUNITY.

1.3 The rented is to be used for SET PURPOSE and shall not, without Lessor's written consent is used for other purposes.

1.4 The Tenant is in every respect responsible for that, either within or from the premises, activities which are contrary to public statutes or regulations.

1.5 Tenant shall not undertake or carry out any polluting activity on the property or in the premises. It is assumed that the use of the rented does not cause odor, noise or otherwise any nuisance or inconvenience to the property or the premises other residents or neighbours.

1.6 With the rented follows:


1.7 The Tenant has no right to make modifications/alterations to the premises without Lessor's written consent.

2. The premises start and end

2.1 The period is commencing on DATE and lasts until it is terminated in writing by either party with X months' notice for vacating the first day in a month.

2.2 The monthly rent amounts to XX DKK., paid monthly in advance.

2.3 The amount paid into the Lessor's account in BANK NAME. Reg. no. REG. NO. account number. ACCOUNT NO.

2.4 The rent also includes common costs, including:


2.5 The Lessor is entitled to terminate this Agreement with X days' notice if the Tenant is in material breach of the terms, including breach of any house rules or defaults on payments.

3. Deposit

3.1 As security for the Tenant's compliance with this Agreement, including the Tenant's obligations in connection with the Tenant vacating, the Tenant shall within five days after signing of this Agreement pay an ordinary deposit totalling X DKK., corresponding to X month’s rent.

3.2 The deposit does not carry interests.

4. Adjustment of the rent

4.1 The then-current rent increases each year. The first time on DATE, with X% of the previous year's rent.

4.2 If the property is charged with increases in taxes and/or charges for the premises stage, such increase may result in an increase which shall be payable by an increase in the rent.

5. The condition of the rented

5.1 The rented is taken over fully refurbished and in a condition ready to move in.

5.2 Any additional equipment or furniture procurement is done by the Tenant's actions and for the Tenant’s account.

5.3 Defects that by exercising reasonable care should have been discovered by the Tenant at the premises, cannot be claimed if Tenant not within 4 weeks after the commencement of the premises notify the Lessor that the Tenant will make these claims. This, however, should not include installations which under the legislation is not installed or configured correctly, but still functional (e.g. electrical systems, fans, etc.).

6. Cleaning, maintenance and responsibility

6.1 Tenant's maintenance obligation

The Tenant should treat the rented with usual care so that the rented always be well-maintained.

6.2 The Tenant receives the leased property in maintained condition and to deliver it in the same condition. In addition, the Tenant is responsible for any damage to the rented (incl. furniture), for example, nicks and scratches in walls, floors, glass windows and the like.

6.3 Lessor's maintenance obligation

The exterior building maintenance is the responsibility of the Lessor, and the Lessor is responsible for repairs of wear and tear on pipes and plumbing. In addition, the Lessor will do the cleaning of common areas in the building.

6.4 The Tenant must observe the general rules that apply to the property and must comply with orders from the administration to ensure good conduct and proper use of the premises.

6.5 The Tenant is liable for damages resulting from neglect, negligence or other improper treatment of the premises. Furthermore, the Tenant is liable for damage caused to property in connection with the operation of the business conducted from the premises, even if the Tenant has not acted negligently, as well as damage caused to the property of others, as a Tenant has given access to the premises.

6.6 The Tenant must report any damage to the Lessor without undue delay.

7. Vacating

7.1 Changes of the premises may only be made with the Lessor's written approval. The Tenant is liable for any damage - including accidental - as applied to the leased property or otherwise as a result of Tenant installations, alterations or another councillor of the premises. When moving out, the Tenant must on its own expense remove any traces of objects placed.

7.2 When the Lessor has received or given notice of termination, convened by the Lessor to a joint survey of the premises in order to determine the extent of any Tenant reconditioning duty.

7.3 The parties agreed that when vacating the rented, the Lessor has up to 14 days to reprimand any defects before the deposit is returned.

7.4 The Tenant is required to return all keys/tokens to unlock the doors and the like. Missing keys/tokens will be deducted from the deposit.

8. Insurance

8.1 It is for the Lessor to sign and pay fire and building comprehensive insurance, including insurance for burglary.

8.2 If the premises are destroyed by fire or another disaster, this Agreement is void without compensation, and the Lessor has no obligation to offer the Tenant to rent other premises in the property.

9. Tax

9.1 The lease is registered for VAT and all prices mentioned in this contract must be added VAT, currently 25%. The VAT paid while the Tenant's other services in connection with the regular payments.

Template does not constitute any form of legal advice, and the User is at all times encouraged to request external specific legal advice in respect of the execution of legal documents.
Office lease agreement

With Contractbook’s free template for entering rental agreements for office spaces, you can simplify the leasing process and ensure clear terms for all.

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What is an office lease agreement? 

An office lease agreement is a formal contract between a landlord and a tenant, typically a business entity, to rent office space. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the lease, including the duration of the lease, rental payment amounts, responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant, and any additional terms specific to the property or arrangement. 

Office lease agreements establish the rights and obligations of both parties and ensure a clear understanding of the terms governing the use of the office space. 

Office lease agreements are typically tailored to commercial or business use and may include provisions prohibiting certain activities, such as retail or residential use. That means that no matter how late you work, you can’t sleep there indefinitely.

Most office space leases are labeled as full-service gross leases. In a full-service gross lease, the landlord covers all operating expenses, such as property taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs. At the same time, the tenant pays a fixed rent amount, typically higher than other lease types.

Other types of office leases include:

  • Co-Working Lease Agreement:some text
    • The landlord covers all expenses and utilities.
    • The tenant has no responsibilities.
  • Gross Lease:some text
    • Landlord covers real estate taxes, property insurance, and standard area maintenance.
    • Tenant covers their utilities and services.
  • Modified Gross Lease:some text
    • Shared costs are negotiated between the landlord and tenant.
  • Triple Net (NNN) Lease:some text
    • Landlord ensures the roof and parking lot are in good standing.
    • The tenant covers real estate taxes, property insurance, common area maintenance (CAM), and utilities and services.

What should an office space lease contract include?

  • Parties and property details: Clearly state the landlord and tenant's names and addresses. Provide a detailed description of the leased office space, including its address, square footage, and specific features or amenities.
  • Lease terms: How long does the rental last? Include the start and end dates. Outline any lease renewal or extension provisions and the process and timeline for exercising these options.
  • Rent and payment terms: Clearly state the amount of rent due, the frequency of payments (e.g., monthly, quarterly), and the accepted payment methods. Include any provisions for rent increases, such as annual escalations or adjustments based on market conditions.
  • Use of premises: Define the permitted uses of the office space, ensuring it aligns with the tenant's intended business activities. Include any restrictions on alterations, subleasing, or lease assignment without prior consent.
  • Maintenance and repairs: Specify the landlord's and tenant's responsibilities regarding property maintenance, repairs, and upkeep. Clarify who is responsible for standard area maintenance and any associated costs.
  • Insurance and liability: Spell out the insurance requirements for both parties, including liability insurance and property insurance coverage. Specify any indemnification clauses to protect against liability for damages or losses.
  • Compliance with laws: Include a provision stating that the lease is subject to compliance with applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Address any specific regulatory requirements or zoning restrictions that may apply to the leased premises.
  • Termination and default: Detail the circumstances under which either party may terminate the lease, including any notice requirements. Specify what happens if one party defaults or breaches the lease terms, such as remedies, penalties, or forfeiture of security deposits.
  • Miscellaneous provisions: Include any additional clauses or provisions relevant to the specific lease agreement, such as dispute resolution mechanisms, confidentiality agreements, or environmental compliance obligations.
  • Signatures and execution: Both parties must sign to agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the lease contract. Keep copies of the signed lease for the landlord, the tenant, and any relevant stakeholders for reference and record-keeping purposes.

How do you cancel an office lease agreement?

Canceling an office lease agreement requires adherence to the terms outlined in the contract. Typically, this involves providing written notice to the landlord within a specified timeframe, as stipulated in the lease agreement. 

Additionally, you may be required to pay any applicable fees or penalties associated with early termination. It's crucial to thoroughly review the lease agreement to understand your obligations and the potential consequences of canceling the lease prematurely. Consulting with legal counsel or seeking guidance from the landlord can help you navigate the cancellation process effectively.

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Office lease agreement
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Key Terms of
Office lease agreement

This contract outlines the terms for renting an office space located at a specified address. It covers details such as the rental period, monthly rent amount, deposit, rent increases, maintenance responsibilities, termination clauses, and insurance. The tenant is restricted to using the space only for the stated purpose and cannot make modifications without landlord approval.

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