The New Era of Contracts: On the past, present and future of contracts

From the very beginning, we at Contractbook have had a vision to transform contracts in a way that is more effective, efficient and dispels the fear and uneasiness that businesses have when dealing with contracts.

Contracts have come a long way since their earliest known usage. They’ve become more robust and accessible with each leap in technology. As with many things, technological revolutions deliver unique solutions to common problems.

In this ebook, we discuss several fundamental issues affecting contracts today. One of those issues being the way data is managed and conceptualized. In order for new technologies to unlock the power of contracts, the data within those contracts must be made readable.

Which new technologies? Artificial intelligence, of course. With an update on how data is managed in contracts, AI has the potential deliver us to the New Era of Contracts - an era in which contracts are taken from a static and unscalable form to one that is efficient, effective and unlocks the true value of contracts for any business.

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