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May 30, 2022

Why you should use automated document generation

Why you should use automated document generation
Why you should use automated document generationWhy you should use automated document generation

What tasks in your business take up the most significant chunks of time? As you are reading this article, I am willing to bet that creating, checking, and executing documents comes pretty close to the top of your list.

Even if you are a Find-Replace-Copy-Paste merchant, you presumably still check your documents are correct to avoid killing your credibility with your clients.

The good news? Life, and more specifically your document creation process, does not have to be this way.

Automated document generation can help you create better documents quicker.

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What is automated document generation?

Automated document generation is the process of creating documents by combining data with pre-existing templates to deliver a custom, personalized document relevant to a specific scenario. Automated document generation software can automatically fill gaps in your templates to leave you with a completed document 100% ready to use.

Depending on the context of your document automation, you might be able to 100% automate document creation. In other situations, you may need to choose the data you want to include in a document. However, the document itself is still produced automatically with no need for any other input from yourself.

Who is automated document generation for?

Anyone that uses documents in their business! However, the more standardized your contracts are and the more frequent you use them, to more benefit will you receive from an auto-generation solution. 

Many people believe that automated document generation is only relevant to contracts. While document automation can certainly make creating and executing contracts more straightforward, the same is true for any document that may require complex data to be correctly structured.

For example, automated document generation can help you create:

  • Sales collateral, including emails, proposals, and customized quotes.
  • Non-disclosure agreements.
  • Commercial agreements like sales and consignment documentation and service-level agreements.
  • Letters of intent.
  • Financial agreements.
  • Offer letters, employment contracts, and other HR documentation.
  • Property leases.

And many other types of documents!

What are the benefits of using automated document generation?

Automated document generation has the potential to be transformative for your business in many ways. Here are four of the most significant benefits you and your business will enjoy.

1. You stop amateur hour being a thing in your business

I do not care how adept you have become at styling out stupid errors in your documents. One cock-up or formatting error when trying to get away with lazily and repeatedly re-using the same document is one too many.

Automated document generation takes “schoolboy errors” like that off the table. Sure, you might use the same document template, but a document generation tool will ensure each document has the relevant data for the person or business you want to send it to.

2. You can do things quicker and at scale

When you use automated document generation, you can get your documents produced at the click of a button. If you have your document generation tools integrated with other apps, you might not even need to click the button as the whole process can be 100% automated!

Gone are the days of having a long "to do" list filled with documents to be prepared and checked. That is all done for you, meaning you can effortlessly scale your business and deal with more people at once.

3. You impress people

We have all gone and found another vendor because someone said they would send a document across, and they never did.

Using automated document generation means that not only do you get documents created and sent quickly, but it makes it easier for the recipient to sign them and get a relationship started. What better way to start a professional relationship than with something as simple and as straightforward as that?!

4. You save time and money

All the features in the world do not mean a thing if they do not make sense in relation to the bottom line.

All the benefits already listed, aligned with the flexibility and capability you get with document generation tools, mean you save significant sums of time and money, which you can then reinvest wisely across your business.

Making the most of automated document generation with Contractbook

While our brand name mentions contracts, Contractbook is about much more than contracts when it comes to automated document generation capabilities.

As well as creating all the document types we listed earlier (and many more!), the integrations our platform provides means you can use Contractbook for automating and executing your entire sales funnel if you wish! Customized proposals and quotes based on lead data from your CRM and yes, contracts based on the information you hold. We offer a true end-to-end, all-in-one solution for all your document generation needs.

The value you get from Contractbook does not stop there, either!

While automating your document generation will save you time, you can enjoy even greater improvements in your processes by using automation for your entire contract or document lifecycle. After all, if you are realizing the full potential of the documents you use in your business, you do not simply create them, sign them, and file them. They become living documents that can do things like self-execute and let you focus on higher value tasks that will help you grow your business.

If you are not already using automated document generation, you should be!

As I said right at the top, reading this article means there is a chance you are looking for a document automation solution and are aware of how much time you are currently spending on such tasks. If an automated document generation tool is not already part of your tech stack, that situation needs to change. The sooner you do it, the sooner you can get back valuable time, save money, and start to reap the rewards!

Book a Contractbook demo here to take the next step in understanding exactly how automated document generation can transform your business.

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