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April 3, 2023

Top CRM Consultants to Integrate Your Entire Sales Tech Stack

Top CRM Consultants to Integrate Your Entire Sales Tech Stack
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Top CRM Consultants to Integrate Your Entire Sales Tech Stack

It’s one thing to have the finest software that SaaS has to offer, but it’s another thing entirely to have an ecosystem of tools that talk to one another and enable seamless collaboration. Specifically, integrating your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and your Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) tools put you in an excellent position to automate your workflows and auto-populate each with data from the other.

But setting up this integration is only one part of the equation. An equally crucial aspect is figuring out what data to collect and how to structure it within your CRM so that your business has access to everything it needs to make well-informed decisions. This is where CRM consultants come in handy.

CRM consultants — specifically, HubSpot and Salesforce specialists — can help you set up your systems to enable seamless inbound workflow and streamline your RevOps function to help you attract prospects in your ICP and meet pipeline goals. 

Benefits of Integrating your CRM with your CLM

Two of the more common CRMs across B2B SaaS businesses are HubSpot and Salesforce. Each has its own unique capabilities and are a major resource for revenue generating teams. They function as the source of truth for account data for many businesses, and work best when they talk to the other systems in your organization.

Comprehensive Business Intelligence

Siloed business functions are the Achilles heel of a sound go-to-market strategy. When different departments in the business don’t know what the others are up to, the company as a whole faces increased risk, reduced operational efficiency, and declining revenue. 

The same goes for your tech tools. When Sales, RevOps, and Legal each have their own preferred technology but no way for those tools to communicate with one another, then there are major gaps in business intelligence that could help you drive more business. Integrating these tools, however, means that the data within Salesforce can automatically populate relevant contract fields in your CLM, and vice versa. As a result, you can always have a high level view of where a deal is in the funnel as well as the context surrounding that deal when creating the contract.

Move Deals Through the Funnel Faster

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t realize that the contract process has a direct impact on the sales cycle — instead, they see these as two separate functions that are only tangentially related. You can’t move a deal across the finish line without a signed contract. Legal and Sales know firsthand the pain of creating a contract from scratch, as it often requires lots of toggling between Salesforce or HubSpot and your CRM to enter account information into the contract and then to append the contract to the CRM record. 

But when you integrate both tools, updating one means automatically updating the other. And when you enable workflow automation, your contracts can move through the stages of contract management more quickly, your future client can sign the agreement easily, and your finance team can collect on your invoices with very little hassle.

Reduce Risk

Manual tasks are especially prone to human error, especially when there’s a lot of data to enter into a system in a very short time. And where human error goes, risk follows. Not only are manual tasks tedious and time consuming, but the likelihood of, say, entering the wrong renewal date or dropping a zero on the price goes way up, leaving your business open to higher risk and lower revenue.

Integrating your CLM and CRM can significantly reduce the chances of manual error. The integration allows you to automate workflows, and as mentioned above, data entry. The key here is to ensure that you have proper data governance in order to keep your data clean, accurate, and up to date. This can save you time and reduce your risk profile.

Contractbook Partner CRM Consultants

As the saying goes, if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. So although you can set up and integrate your systems on your own, working with a partner can make your process more efficient and help you generate higher ROI than you would on your own. 

Thankfully, there are HubSpot and Salesforce CRM consultants who specialize in helping Marketing, Sales, and RevOps teams set up their systems to meet your business needs. 

HubSpot Consultants

HubSpot is a robust CRM that supports inbound marketing teams and sales organizations trying to generate pipeline and convert prospects. Its interface is relatively straightforward and easy to use, but there might be some capabilities you aren’t fully aware of. Thankfully, our partners, Radiant and Sunrise, can help you out there.


Radiant HubSpot and Sales as a Service

Radiant is an official HubSpot partner that helps B2B sales teams in tech, SaaS, finance, and professional services make the most of their HubSpot platform. With over 25 certifications, Radiant helps revenue teams choose the right HubSpot package — at the right price point — for their business, as well as onboard and implement the platform to achieve their established goals.

With their sales-as-a-service offering, they’ve helped businesses globally achieve millions in ARR. A major part of their effectiveness is the fact that they take time to understand a company’s target market and build out a sales process that aligns with the buyer journey and buyer expectations, setting up the sales funnel for maximum efficiency. Their work helps revenue generating teams collaborate better and use HubSpot to drive pipeline.


Sunrise transforms marketing and sales efforts for tomorrow's business growth

A Platinum Certified HubSpot agency, Sunrise is a commercial transition agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark that helps businesses develop and execute effective sales strategies. They offer CRM and sales enablement, which includes marketing automation, email flows, and inbound strategy development so that teams can attract and convert leads that will move smoothly through their pipeline.

As part of HubSpot’s Solutions Partner Program, they not only contribute knowledge to HubSpot’s blog, but they also help HubSpot refine their platform and tools for their audience. Using workflow and marketing automation technology, Sunrise helps businesses align and unite their sales and marketing efforts with data-driven insights.

Salesforce Consultants

Like HubSpot, Salesforce CRM is a source of truth that provides sales and RevOps teams with essential account data and business intelligence to support business growth. Two of our partners that are expert Salesforce CRM consultants are Carabiner Group and Twistellar.

Carabiner Group

Carabiner Group makes GTM easy

Carabiner Group is a fractional RevOps consultancy that helps sales and RevOps teams develop an aligned and comprehensive go-to-market strategy. A growing function in modern businesses, RevOps focuses on generating predictable revenue at scale. Carabiner Group’s team of consultants and advisers partners with SaaS startups, financial services businesses, and nonprofits clients worldwide to build out effective and powerful RevOps strategies that can help them grow.

Their core offerings include RevOps as a Service, GTM and sales advisory, and change management. In addition to helping companies invest more wisely in technology and develop long-term strategies, Carabiner Group also supports companies in maintaining sound data practices in their Salesforce instances, thereby enabling them to make good business decisions based on clean, accurate, up to date, and well-structured data.


Twistellar #1 Salesforce consulting partner from Denmark

Twistellar is a Salesforce consulting partner based in Denmark. They offer services for both Salesforce end-users and other consultants that concentrate mainly on technical systems support. For other consultants, Twistellar focuses on interface improvement, data management, and code review, ensuring that their Salesforce infrastructure is up to par before tackling strategies and tactics. 

Likewise, for Salesforce end-users like sales and RevOps team members, they offer solutions engineering, technical support, and app development. Theirs is crucial work, as they address the data problem of “garbage in, garbage out” by setting up systems designed to effectively capture clean data so businesses can make well-informed data-driven decisions.


Salesforce and HubSpot are important business tools for sales and RevOps teams that want to streamline revenue growth and customer management. Configuring these tools on your own can yield results, but working with expert consultants with years worth of hands-on experience in managing these tools and achieving key outcomes for businesses globally can help give your business a competitive advantage. 

Contractbook is proud to call these companies partners and will always gladly boost the work we accomplish together. Learn more about our partners.

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