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Contractbook helps young companies organize their legal work and accelerate growth with contract automation. Let’s explore synergies and find common ground for a mutually beneficial partnership.

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For accelerators

Help your portfolio companies utilize the business intelligence in their contracts and accelerate growth with contract automation.

Contractbook is made for modern high-growth start-ups looking to scale their legal operations.

Partner up with Contractbook and let your community benefit from generous discounts and free legal templates.

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For incubators

Contracts are the lifeblood of any company. Help
your portfolio companies get them in order from the beginning.

Contractbook enables start ups to create, sign and organize their important legal documents in an organized and future-proof data flow.

Team up with us to give your startups access to discounts and free legal templates.

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• Legal professionals

• Any business

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For Co-working spaces

Modern office hotels are more than an empty buildings. They must cater to their tenants with holistic services, facilities and a top-tuned tech-stack.

Make Contractbook a part of the tech-stack to help your community perform at the highest level and secure their businesses.

By including Contractbook, you also ensure an efficient, scalable, professional rental agreement flow for yourself.

Ping us and we can match the compatibility between our unique platforms!

• Any business that wants an advanced system integration

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