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Partnership Types

Integration Partner

Connecting Contractbook with other tools is essential. We’re always looking to integrate with the best products.

Referral Partner

Grow your business by receiving a commission for each new client you refer. Our partnerships team is here to support you.

Portal Partner

Make automated legal documents and services available to users via your own or a white-labeled platform.

Referral Partnership

Our referral partnership is designed for RevOps consultancies, law firms, ALSPs, tech writers or anyone else looking to grow their business. Profit from an 1-on-1 onboarding, custom training and communication materials, and a dedicated Growth Manager to help you maximize your earnings. Get access to our sales enablement materials.

Integration Partnerships

Contracts are part of everything. We aim to integrate with the entire tech stack that comes before and after the contract is signed. Get co-marketing support from our team to grow your client base and profit from an improved customer experience.

Portal Partnerships

Offer automated legal documents and services, as part of your own platform, or offered through a fully white-labeled legal portal—provided by Contractbook. If you are a law firm, industry organization, or digital platform - this is the partnership designed for you.

What our partners say

"Contractbook is a modern and visionary company and their product provides immediate value for our business customers. We are really happy to partner with them and have them in our benefit universe."

"Partnering with Contractbook has given us an edge in our business. Managing drafts, proposals, redlines, and e-signatures could make one's head spin, but we feel confident recommending Contractbook to our customers as the swiss army knife solution that can help them make sense of it all and easily manage the full contract lifecycle in one application."

"Our partnership with Contractbook enables us as ‘best of breed’ in contract management for sales, CRM and 360 tech EcoSystems.

Because Radiant is a Top HubSpot Partner it is vital for us to understand and enable our clients HubSpot Platforms with seamless digital signing and contract management to increase win-rate and strengthen deal sizes.

In a 360 EcoSystem CRM-perspective Contractbook is therefore a ‘must have’ tool for any SME HubSpot business!"

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Assisted onboarding specialist

We will onboard you and make sure you have the optimal setup.

Workflow Assessment

We will assess your workflow and guide you to best practices.

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Contractbook helps young companies organize their contracts and accelerate growth with workflow automation. Let’s explore synergies and find common ground for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Strategic partnerships

Want to grow your business? By becoming a Contractbook Affiliate Partner, you receive a commission for each referred new client and benefit from the support and resources of our Partnerships team!


Integrations and automations are key for a great user experience. Contractbook is constantly looking to integrate with the best partners. Current integration partners include Salesforce, HubSpot, and many more.


Partner up with Contractbook and let your community benefit from generous discounts and free access to the essential functionalities of Contractbook.

What our partners say about Contractbook

"Contractbook is a modern and visionary company and their product provides immediate value for our business customers. We are really happy to partner with them and have them in our benefit universe."

Jacob Kirk Faber
Head of Business @ Lunar

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