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Sign securely from anywhere

Sign your contracts directly in the cloud—no need to juggle tools or platforms. Choose from a variety of easy, secure, and legally binding methods.

Legally binding

Sign documents like it’s 2024

Collect legally binding signatures with the click of a button. Compliant with eIDAS standards and accepted pretty much everywhere.

Multiple signing methods

The choice is yours

Choose the method that fits you and your collaborators best.

- Sign with a click
- Hand drawn
- SMS Verification
- Bank ID
- National ID

Signing order

Set your flow

Specify a signing order and set your mind at ease with notifications along the way.

Third-party signing

All contracts allowed

Easily upload and sign drafts received from external collaborators.

Bulk sign

All-in-one flow

Mass create and send standardized drafts for digital signature. Perfect for NDAs, DPAs, and other compliance-related contracts.

Bubble background NFT collection by Contractbook

Dedicated workflows for all teams dealing with contracts

Empower teams to take action independently with simple, robust contracting processes

Sales tab by Contractbook

Shorten your sales cycle and stay on top of renewals for good

Work from the tools you already know and love with pre-filled drafts created straight from your CRM and automatic reminders and tasks on every contract.

Sales loves Contractbook

Make the first day a great one

Set your people up for success with a smooth hiring process and automated onboarding.

Vendor management is easy with Contractbook

Stay on top of your obligations from third-party contracts

Make vendor data easily accessible for Operations, Finance, Procurement, Legal, and whoever else needs it.

Legacy workflow from Contractbook to iport all you old contracts

Pre-Contractbook contracts? No problem.

Get all pre-existing contracts in one central location, enriched with metadata to make them actionable for all. All with a simple drag and drop.

Frequently asked questions

What is a digital signature in contracts?
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A digital signature in contracts is a secure and legally binding method to authenticate and verify a signer's identity electronically. It is a cryptographic method of verifying identity on a document that functions similarly to a handwritten signature in terms of legal validity.

Can contracts accept digital signatures?
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Yes, contracts can accept digital signatures that are legal in many jurisdictions throughout the world as a method for signing and agreeing on contracts between two parties. They are often used in contract management software to expedite the signing process.

Is a digital signature valid on a contract?
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Yes, digital signatures are generally acceptable in most contracts. Because digital signatures use encryption and authentication technologies to ensure the validity of a signature, many legal jurisdictions accept these signatures as legally binding. However, regulations do vary from country to country. 

What is an electronic signature?
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An electronic signature is a digital symbol attached to an electronic document, such as a contract, that shows consent or approval. They use encryption technologies to ensure the validity of the signature and are widely accepted as legally binding in most legal jurisdictions.

Are electronic signatures secure?
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Yes, electronic signatures are generally secure. However, it's important to use adequate encryption and authentication methods to ensure its authenticity. Most digitally signing tools come with encryption and other security features which is why they are almost always considered to be valid and secure. 

What types of eSignatures can my recipient and I use?
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There are three types of eSignatures: Simple (SESs), for low-risk documents; Advanced (AdESs), offering greater security and verification; and Qualified (QESs), the most secure option with legal standing. The choice depends on the document's nature and legal requirements, ensuring efficiency, validity, and security as needed.

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