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Make sure your team—and third parties—are aligned on your contracts with collaboration tools that improve efficiency and consistency while reducing errors.


Teamwork at its finest.


Gather feedback to ensure team alignment.

The best contracts are made in collaboration. Tag your teammates and add comments to discuss specifics. Invite guests to review your work.

Task management

Organize and monitor your contract to-dos.

Delegate work, set up deadlines, track the progress. Keep tabs on your team to avoid missed deadlines or activity.

File and folder sharing

Share your documents.

Give teammates access to whole folders or single documents so everyone is on the same page.

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For everyone in your business
Compliance Team

Get your legal work streamlined, automated, and under control.

Sales Team

Improve your revenue growth with a faster sales contract workflow.

HR Team

Put HR contracts on autopilot so you can focus on the people.

Operations Team

Grow your business with an automated contract workflow.

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We will onboard you and make sure you have the optimal setup.

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We will assess your workflow and guide you to best practices.