There is no 'I' in contracts.

We provide a collaborative contract automation tool that enables the modern business to get on top of its legal obligations.

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Why customers trust us

Adir Ben-Yehuda
VP Sales, Walnut

"Having all my contracts in Contractbook gives me a feeling of control. I get a great overview of all my documents, my work is structured and I always know exactly what's next.

Hans August Carlander

"Contractbook enables us to work as a team. We can easily share templates with each other, collaborate on the documents and oversee the legal work in the entire team, so we can rest assured that everything runs smoothly.

Lise Buchhaven
COO, Good Monday

"We have one place for all our contracts. It's ideal for us that we can create, sign and store all our legal documents on a single platform, so everything is streamlined, effortless to find and easy to execute on."

Mads Vieth
CFO, Viggo

"We have a great overview of all our legal documents. Our team has easy access to all the right templates, we can follow our contracts through their lifecycle and it's easy to see what is the next step in the process."

Consistency is key.
Get in control.

Manage accesses centrally and share templates with your team to oversee that you work efficiently and in the same updated documents.

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Contracts everybody
can agree on.

Negotiate your contracts seamlessly and invite guests to review your work.
The best contracts are made in collaboration.

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The smoothest signing experience.

Ooze professionalism and increase your closing-rate with our digital signature. Sign your contracts fast and on the go.

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Get in sync.
Get one source of truth.

Get everybody on the same page with an automated contract workflows that run through your entire business.

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5 star review
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VP of Sales
5 star review

We've completely automated the contract process in our company - from moving the deal to contract sent to execution and after

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5 star review

The entire flow works seamlessly and the receivers immidiately understand and respond to our signature requests.

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One place for all your legal work.

It’s that simple!

Create flawless contracts in no time.

Create contracts by using our native editor or free contract templates. And auto-generate docs with simple questionnaires. Contractbook is the fastest and easiest way to a new contract.

Collaborate seamlessly on your contracts.

Work together with your team or invite external guests to review, comment, and approve your work. Negotiate contracts everybody can agree on directly on the platform.

Sign smoothly and on the go.

Ooze professionalism and reduce the time you spend on signatures with our state-of-the-art digital signatures. Sign your contracts fast and on the go.

Organize all your contracts in one place.

Keep all your contracts in a single, secure and structured repository to get a complete overview of all your contracts.

Automate your workflow.

Our dynamic data format enables you to build automated workflows, create self-executing contracts that automatically trigger new actions, and integrate with other tools, so everything is in sync.

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