Toft Bach
CMO @ Mutebox

“We miss 0% of our deals, save 80% of our time, and our contracts are 100% correct.”

Mutebox saves time on their contracts with a data-driven document automation, so they can focus on the fun stuff that brings value.

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“We miss 0% of our deals, save 80% of our time, and our contracts are 100% correct.”

MuteBox is a company that builds sound isolated phone booths and meeting rooms that other companies can either buy or rent for their offices. Before using Contractbook, Christian, their CMO, would have to create, fill out and sent their rent agreements manually every time they received an inquiry in their webshop. The customer would then had to print the contract, sign it and return it, which caused friction, delayed the process and made them vulnerable to human errors in the contracts.

“Back-and-forth emails were holding us back,” Christian says. But only until Contractbook came along and automated their workflow. Whenever an order is generated in their Shopify-account, a rent agreement containing the same consistent legal content and the customer’s data is autogenerated in Contractbook. Along with it comes a Trello-card that notifies Christian about his contract review. After he has reviewed the deal, he can send it for signature with Contractbook and have a signed copy just minutes after.

A process that used to take 15 minutes now takes 2-3 minutes.

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“Contracts were not our cup of tea, so we automated them.”

Spending 80% less time on their contract process and increasing their closing time by 5x is not the only benefit MuteBox gets from this automation.

Christian is relieved from the manual hassle of data entry and copy/pasting to spend his time on more creative tasks. Or as he says: “Document automation allows me to forget paperwork and focus on growing.”

Furthermore, as the content is consistent, and the customer data is automatically pre-filled, Christian now has a 100% foolproof process. There is no longer any risks or liabilities associated with human errors in this legal work.

The greatest value:

Saved time and less errors

Using data-driven document automation MuteBox has reduced the time they spent on manual work and at the same time minimised the risk of legal errors.
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