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Mutebox reduced time spent on contracts by 80 % while keeping a 100 % accuracy rate. Here is how.





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“We miss 0 % of our deals, save 80 % of our time, and our contracts are 100 % correct,” Christian Toft Bach, CMO.  

Using Contractbook, MuteBox has reduced a process that used to take them 15 minutes to 2-3 minutes. This is the story of how they did it.

Mutebox reduced time spent on contracts by 80 % while keeping a 100 % accuracy rate. Here is how.
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Success = scalability challenges

MuteBox is a company that builds sound-isolated meeting rooms and well-designed phone booths using only sustainable materials. Companies can either rent or buy them for their office facilities to create quiet working spaces where people can focus and connect. 

MuteBox took part in the Danish version of Shark Tank a few years ago; since then, they haven’t looked back. Business was booming. 

In general, that means happy days, satisfied investors and euphoric founders. However, with the kind of success they saw, they also experienced scalability challenges. 

Before MuteBox started using Contractbook, they had to manually create, send and sign their sales - and rental agreements every time they received an inquiry in their webshop. The customers would then have to print out the contract, sign it on paper and return it via email, which caused friction and delayed the sales cycle. It also made them vulnerable to human errors and general forgetfulness. 

As Christian Toft Bach, their CMO, told us: “Back-and-forth emails were holding us back.” 

Luckily, Contractbook was there to make the process smooth and scalable. 

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A simple automated solution

MuteBox’ new solution was simple. Whenever an order goes through their Shopify account, a rental agreement is generated in Contractbook. The contract is based on the same template each time, so MuteBox has consistency across their contracts. Simultaneously, the template is populated by the data inserted by the customer so that MuteBox have a contract ready for signature in a matter of seconds. 

Meanwhile, MuteBox received a notification, and a Trello card is generated with a task requiring MuteBox to review the contract and send it to signature. The review normally takes a few seconds. This step is mainly to check whether the customer data seems correct. 

Once the deal has been reviewed, MuteBox signs it with Contractbook’s e-signature and sends it to the client. It usually takes just a few minutes before they have a done deal.

As Christan Bach Toft told us, a process that used to take around 15 minutes now takes just 2-3 minutes

Saved time, fewer errors 

The benefits of this optimized process are plenty. As CMO Christan Bach Toft told us: “We miss 0% of our deals, save 80% of our time, and our contracts are 100 % correct.”

“Contracts were not our cup of tea,” said Christan Bach Toft. Luckily, their Contractbook-setup relieves them of all the manual busy work that comes with traditional contract management. They don’t have to draft contracts; they don’t have to do manual data entry, back-and-forth-emailing, printing, scanning and all the other tedious tasks they used to do. 

“Document automation allows me to forget paperwork and focus on growing,” Christan Bach Toft told us. 

Saved time is not the only benefit they’ve gained. By using Contractbook to auto-generate contracts based on a fixed template and the data the customers provide, MuteBox now has a 100% foolproof process. There is no risk of human errors in his legal work, the contracts are consistent, and liabilities are virtually non-existent. 

Last but now least, they have a flawless flow. They always know what’s next, and no deal slips through the cracks. The process runs smoothly with little to no human interaction, and they receive reminders and notifications of all their tasks and obligations. 

A plan for every need

Contractbook offers many different ways to tailor contract management processes and build automated workflows. 

MuteBox setup is based on our foundation plan that enables you to create, sign and organize all your contracts in a single streamlined flow. The average savings on labor for using such a contract management software is around 8000 dollars per year. 

On top of that, you can customize specific workflows depending on whether you wish to automate your sales process like MuteBox, or want to use it for employment contracts, compliance documents etc. 

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