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Here is how MAX Burger reduced the time-to-signature on their contracts with Contractbook.


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“Contractbook makes my life as an HR manager a lot easier,” Thomas Byfoged, HR-manager.  

With no systemized approach, MAX Burger had trouble keeping track of pending contracts. Then they started using Contractbook…


Here is how MAX Burger reduced the time-to-signature on their contracts with Contractbook.
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MAX Burgers is an international franchise with more than 100 restaurants all over the Nordics. They are known for creating the world's first climate-positive menu with plant-based food, renewable packaging and wind-powered energy consumption, which has seen them recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the industry.

Their restaurants mainly employ young people, and a significant percentage are even under 18. That makes the whole process of dealing with employment agreements a lot harder. They often need the parent's consent which requires multiple signatures for every contract. 

Before using Contractbook, MAX Burgers would struggle with this process. They were using emails and digital signatures, making it hard and time-consuming to keep track of all their pending contracts. The time to signature would often be days as new employees, and their parents would forget about the contract. 

With no systemized approach, MAX Burger would risk missing contracts if they weren't careful. 

On top, in control 

When Contractbook was introduced in MAX Burgers, they finally got a systemized workflow for managing their employment contracts. On the platform, they can create, sign and store all their contracts in a single streamlined workflow. 

On the contract list, HR manager Thomas Byfoged can keep track of all their pending contracts and send out notifications and reminders for unsigned contracts. He doesn’t need to browse through multiple email threads and old conversations to find the documents he needs, as they are on his documents list in Contractbook. That way, he is always in the loop and has a clear overview of all contract activity. 

Furthermore, with Contractbook’s digital signature, MAX Burgers can have as many signees as they want and customize the signing order for every contract. 

Reduced time to signature

“We have our contracts returned with a signature within a maximum of 24 hours,” says Thomas Byfoged. 

This reduced time-to-signature makes the entire legal workflow smoother, faster, and hassle-free. 

Thomas Byfoged has a very clear overview of all his contracts. He doesn’t need to worry about his contracts. He is totally in control, so he can give his energy to something else than contracts. 

Meanwhile, all the young new digital-native employees can sign their contracts on their phones wherever they are, which is another proof that MAX Burger is a truly modern and innovative company. 

Contractbook for HR teams 

Contractbook is made for modern HR teams. Companies like MAX Burger can use the platform to streamline their legal affairs and put their employment contracts on autopilot to get more time with their team. 

First of all, Contractbook enables HR teams to create flawless employment contracts in no time using templates and easy questionnaires. 

Secondly, we offer HR teams the option to integrate with their favorite HR tool to ensure that all the data is synced. 

And last but not least, HR teams get a smooth contract management workflow where it’s easy to share work, negotiate deals and stay on top of important deadlines, renewals and termination dates.

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