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With Contractbook, SFG spends just 5-6% of the time they used to spend on contracts.




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Here is how SFG saved up to two hours per new recruit by streamlining their onboarding process and employment contract workflow with Contractbook. 

“Contractbook saves us almost two hours of work per new employee,” Kirstina Pedersen, HR manager.

With Contractbook, SFG spends just 5-6% of the time they used to spend on contracts.
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Waste of paper, waste of time

SFG is a modern service - and cleaning company focusing on environmentally friendly solutions with a low impact on the climate. As part of this process, SFG has decided to be a paper-free company to spare trees and save space. 

Contractbook has been an incremental part of this project. But it’s not the only reason SFG uses Contractbook’s contract management software.  

Before SFG started using Contractbook, they had a traditional manual contract management process. For example, when managing employment contracts, they ended the recruitment process with the classic sent-print-sign-scan routine. When a recruit received the new contract, they would have to print it, sign it by hand, scan it, and send it back. SFG had to do the same before the final PDF with both signatures would be uploaded to a hard drive. 

Not only was that a waste of paper. It was also a waste of time as the process of signing a simple employment contract could hardly be done in less than two hours. 

Create, sign, store

With Contractbook, SFG has a streamlined and 100% digital workflow for managing their employment agreements. Their HR-manager can create a new contract based on their template in just a few minutes and sign it on the phone after which the new recruit automatically receives their contract for signature. Once the contract is signed digitally by all parties, it’s automatically stored in a safe and organized cloud-based repository on Contractbook’s platform. 

With this setup, Kirstina Pedersen, HR manager in SFG, can track the contracts through the entire process. She has a great overview of all her legal documents which enables her to navigate her contracts and find what she needs in no time. 

1/20 of the time 

With their current setup in Contractbook, SFG spent a maximum of 10 minutes per employee contract. It takes no time to create, send and sign the contract. 

“Contractbook saves us almost two hours of work per new employee,” says Kirstina Pedersen. That means she spends about 5.5% of the time she used to spend on HR contracts. “We are also saving time by having an overview of our templates, drafts and all our signed contracts,” she elaborates. All this time she can now spend focusing on her team and the more strategic aspects of her role. 

Time saved is not the only benefit SFG gets from using Contractbook. They also have a much better overview of all their legal documents. And they have succeeded in becoming a paper-free company and hereby improving their environmental impact. 

Contractbook for HR-teams 

Contractbook is tailored for HR and People teams with a high number of employment contracts. You can create new agreements using a template, sign them digitally wherever you are and organize them in an organized repository. Use automated reminders to ensure that you are always on top of important deadlines for renewals, re-negotiations or termination dates. And integrate Contractbook with your favorite HR-tool so the data flows freely between all your applications. 

You can even do like Burd Delivery and automate the entire onboarding process by enabling your new recruits to auto-generate their employment contracts through easy questionnaires. Read more about their use case here.

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