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"Contractbook saves us almost two hours work per new employee.”

Using a digital signature saves SFG from a lot of hassle. Furthermore, the digital process gives them a way better overview.

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“Contractbook saves us almost two hours work per new employee”

Before SFG started using Contractbook in their recruitment process, they managed all their contracts manually in to copies. Before the contract was read by the candidate, signed, returned to SFG, scanned and stored on a hard drive, they would already have wasted a long time and a lot of paper. That process could hardly be done in less than 2 hours.

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“We are also saving time by having an overview of our templates, drafts and all our signed contracts.”

Today, the process digital and much more simple. All the practical management of a contracts takes no more than 10 minutes. By managing contracts through Contractbook they not only save time. They also spares the environment by not printing. Furthermore, Kirstina gets a great overview of the contracts as she does not have to navigate in multiple archives and always can follow the contract during the signing process. That creates overvire for SFG - and their candidates.

The greatest value:

Time saved

Time is money as they say. By using a digital signature you can save a lot of it
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