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Acknowledgement Letter 1

Acknowledgement Letter 1


(On Sending.CompanyName’s Letterhead)


[Receiving.CompanyName or Receiving.FirstName Receiving.LastName]


Attn: [Department Name]

Dear [Mr, Mrs. or Ms. [LastName],

Subject: [Enter Subject Matter]

We thank you for your¬†communication of [Enter Date of Letter/Email/Call] (‚ÄúCommunication‚ÄĚ) , the receipt of which we hereby acknowledge. We look forward to working with you and meeting the requirements of [Receiving.CompanyName].¬†

We have noted your instructions stated in the Communication and we confirm that we would be in a position to substantially accommodate most of your requirements. However, we regret to advise that we are unable to accept the entire content of your Communication on current terms as we are not in agreement with certain aspects of your requirements. Specifically, we are not in agreement with the following issues raised by you:

1.       [Detail of Issue 1]

2.      [Detail of Issue 2]

3.      [Detail of Issue 3]

In order to expedite your delivery, we would suggest the following alternatives, which we believe will meet the requirements of [Receiving.CompanyName] and adequately address the issues we have raised:

1.       [Alternative Suggestion 1]

2.      [Alternative Suggestion 2]

3.      [Alternative Suggestion 3]

We would appreciate your early response to our suggestions so that we can meet your requirements within the timeline you have requested.

Should our alternative suggestions prove acceptable to [Receiving.CompanyName], kindly sign and return the duplicate copy of this letter to us confirming the variation in the terms and conditions of your Communication. If the suggested alternatives are not acceptable to [Receiving.CompanyName], we are prepared to consider variations to our suggested alternatives.

We appreciate and value our relationship with [Receiving.CompanyName] thank you for the opportunity to work with you.




User Note: Where the Purchase Order requests for a confirmation of receipt, the Acknowledgement Letter should be done as a matter of course. Where no acknowledgement is requested, the Acknowledgement Letter should still be done as a good business practice. Apart from good record keeping, it will also encourage personnel to identify potential problems at an early stage.

On receipt of any Purchase Order, the User should carefully check that the requirements of the Buyer can be met, particularly the quantity and the delivery date. In the case of physical products, the adequacy of inventory should be checked. If inventory levels are adequate, a hold should be placed on the number of units required to fulfill the Purchase Order. If there is inadequate inventory, the restocking time should be verified to ensure that the required delivery time can be met, and an order placed.

Any issues raised by the Purchase Order should be identified as soon as possible and immediately brought to the attention of the Buyer. The earlier such issues are resolved, the more likely it is that the required delivery schedule can be met, resulting in a happy customer.

The User Note is intended for guidance only and does not in any way constitute legal advice and Users should treat it accordingly.

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