A digital client-portal to manage and monitor your clients' legal work

Tasks and execution

Earn more money while organising your clients’ contracts, add tasks to ensure that they fulfil their obligations and meet their deadlines. Set reminders for yourself to make sure you are always one step ahead and can offer them your services before they realise they need it.

Tasks and execution

Unique insights

Track how your clients engage with your legal services the dashboard that gathers data from all connected clients and teams. Use it to get more work from your clients and increase their loyalty to your firm.

Unique insights

Template management

Control how your templates are being used and shared. Perform synchronised updates on multiple clients with a few clicks for increased efficiency.

Template management

Suit up for the future with our digital client portal. Collaborate with your clients, offer them a more holistic service and develop new scalable business models to increase your revenue and secure your clients’ loyalty.

Data-driven contract automation

We apply the machine-friendly dataformat JSON. Prepare your clients for a future with machine-learning, artificial intelligence and data-driven contract automation.


Contractbook  integrates with your entire tech-stack. Use SSO, Zapier-integrations and our Custom API to tailor your own workflow.

New business models

Develop revenue streams and new types of value by leveraging the platform and offering business models suited for the digital age. Subscriptions, fixed price options, pay-per-use. The possibilities are endless.

“I see them as one of the most innovative players in the legal industry.”

“Client Portal is everything we are looking for in new digital technologies”

Martin from Bird&Bird is using our Client Portal
Martin Von Haller Grønbæk
Partner in Bird&Bird
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Martin Von Haller Grønbæk
partner in Bird&Bird

We do not have to crush the current legal system and rebuild a new from the ruins of the old. We need to reshape it in the image of the client.

Customer Centricity

Research from Deloitte also shows that customer-centric companies were 60% more profitable compared to their shareholder-focused competitors.


Inclusion over Segregation

To stay competitive in the future of law, firms must value inclusion over segregation, strategise for externalization and engage in collaborative ecosystems to meet client demands and maintain trust.

We call this vision
The Fluid Law Firm!

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Niels Martin Brøchner

Niels is an international thought-leader on legal tech and innovation. He has taught at Stanford Codex and contributes to the public debate in both Danish and International Media. Niels was rewarded one of the best young business talents in Denmark and he is a Member of Forbes Innovation & Technology Counsel.

Anders Spile

Anders has worked as a legal tech consultant for some of the biggest law firms in Denmark. He regularly contributes with articles in places such as ABA Journal, Legal Business World and Legal Executive Institute. Anders is also an ambassador of the European Legal Tech Association.

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