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The Fluid Lawyer

The Fluid Lawyer is an attempt to find out what skills - soft and hard - that lawyers will need to thrive in the future of work.

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About the ebook

What skills will lawyers need to learn to survive and thrive in the future of work?

That question has been asked many times over the past years. Should they learn how to code? Should they learn project management? Design? Or just focus even more on their expertise?

This ebook, The Fluid Lawyer, is an attempt to take a step back, summarise the knowledge and condense it into a digestible format that calls for reflection, debate and further exploration.

We do not think that the answer is a single trait. We believe that the world needs fluid lawyers. Lawyers with specialised expertise and deep knowledge of their practise areas. Lawyers with a profound understanding of business matters, a high level of tech-literacy, great people skills and the agility to be able to respond to an accelerating, unpredictable and ever-changing world. A fluid lawyer must, as the fluid law firm, be able to operate in different ecosystems, open up to the surrounding world and show an innovative spirit to take advantage of the constantly improving new technologies.

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