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GDPR is here: 
Are you compliant?

This Ebook is made for you to become better equipped to manage GDPR's new requirements for modern businesses.

About the authors:

Mikkel Boris

Copywriter at Contractbook

Bjørn Leth Erichsen

Owner and founder of CoreRisk Consulting

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I have been a HR director for more than 25 years, and have recently used A LOT of time reading up on GDPR. I have read a lot of different articles books, attended webinars and seminars, but your book in the end stands out as the best read of all off them.

Contractbook - A GDPR-Solution

Whether you run a startup or an HR-department, Contractbook will help you create an organized, secure and easily-manageable archive of all legal documents, such as employment agreements, sales agreements or NDA's. We are able to import all your old documents seamlessly, so you have everything under one roof. We estimate that Contractbook will solve 80-90% of all your GDPR-challenges.

GDPR for Start ups

GDPR applies to every company that processes or holds personal data of data subjects (the technical term for individuals) residing in the European Union, regardless of the company location. That said, easily-implemented solutions do exist, and there is no reason to panic if you run a respectable business and do not have data processing as your core activity.

Free Ebook: GDPR for Beginners

GDPR enforced on May 25th 2018 and EU-citizens have now gained significantly more control of their personal information, while companies are being met with a list of new demands. Among those are documentation requirements.

The regulation is extended and complex as EU-regulations usually are. So you are probably wrong if you don't think you are covered by the new rules. That said, there is no reason to panic if you run an honest business. GDPR is not made to annoy and sabotage normal companies. It's created to tame the unrestrained use and sale of personal data. Furthermore, it forces companies to consider their data management and develop af sufficient data policy. That is not an easy task, however, but this Ebook aims towards giving you a clearer overview before you begin the road towards GDPR-compliance.

It's never too late to be GDPR-compliant

The show isn't over if you aren't ready yet. I reality GDPR demands that you continuingly improve and optimize the way you handle personal data. The first important step is to realize the necessity of acting, the next is to actually act and the third is to document your actions. In our Ebook about GDPR you will find and introduction to some of the key elements in the regulation, a guide to the new rights, important security measures and not the least the new documentation requirements.

We are not lawyers so our GDPR-book may not be read as a sufficient legal guide and it may never replace actual legal advice. Instead you should search for information at your local authorities. The Ebook is simply an easy read introduction you can check before you begin your work on GDPR-compliance. At the same time we hope that you will be better equipped for the lunch breaks to come.

If you wish to know more about GDPR, you can access more than two and a half hours of GDPR-talk (in Danish) and a comprehensive guide on how to fill in a Data Processor Agreement (DPA) on this link. If you wish to send out multiple DPA's at once, Contractbook will make sure that it is done with a single click - it's fast, reliable, digital and a super GDPR-friendly solution for modern businesses. Contact us here.

Interested in the GDPR-Ebook?

Read more about the basic rights, new demands regarding security and the extensive documentation requirements.

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