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For every 100th digital signature on our digital contract management platform, we commit to planting a tree. Why? Trees absorb and store CO₂ from the atmosphere which makes forestation an efficient way to fight climate change!

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signing contracts contributes to forestation

For each signed contract, we donate
to tree-nation

Every 100th signature in Contractbook means 1 tree planted

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More people will sign digitally and we will reach 1 million trees!

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Help us to a forest of 1 million trees

Scientists have even established that the planet has room for 1.2 trillion trees. If humanity succeeds in planting all those trees, we can wipe out 10 years of CO₂-emissions. Every tree counts!

798 / 1,000,000 trees planted!
0.07% reached
Help us reach 1 million

Tree-Planter badges for supporters!

Spread the word! Put the badge live on your website to let people know how they can support reforestation of the planet.

Many users and companies are already using the badges

Who has already contributed?

More than 40,000 users sign their contracts with Contractbook. Join the family and support the planet!

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Not only are we protecting the environment by not printing. By signing digitally, we also support it through Contractbook's awesome forestation project

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