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The OneMinuteNDA

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The OneMinuteNDA in a nutshell

Fill in a short questionnaire and auto-generate a flawless NDA - ready for signature - in just 60 seconds.

Your NDA will be based on the famous and universally adopted oneNDA. By using a globally accepted standard template, you reduce your time spent on creating, reviewing and agreeing on the contract. When everyone uses the same template. you don’t have to battle on terms and waste time negotiating things that has little value. Increase transparency and trust in your organization with a fair, balanced and easy-to-understand document.

With our contract automation tool, it only takes a minute.

When the contract is signed, you can use it in Contractbook where it’s safely stored and organized. Add automated tasks and reminders on your NDA to ensure that your obligations are managed automatically.

The oneNDA Movement

The non disclosure agreement is one of the most frequently processed types of contracts in the world. Almost every business work with NDA’s and they most often express the same thing but with different wording each time. Consequently, the time, cost, and effort involved in processing NDA’s is often disproportionate to the value they bring to the table for the average business. That makes the NDA ideal for broad standardization.

In January 2021, a group of visionaries launched a new movement called oneNDA to tackle this problem. The aim was simple and yet genius: They wanted to get all to agree to adopt one identical NDA template. With the same starting point, businesses would be able to save huge amounts of time and money on drafting, reviewing and agreeing on this document.

The terms of oneNDA have been discussed extensively between the brigtest legal minds to make it fair, balanced and easy to understand. So unless you absolutely can’t live with it, we’d ask you to sign it as is. However, have in mind that it’s designed for the most common of instances where two parties want to enter into commercial discussions. For now, it is not suitable for more complex scenarios.

oneNDA has become a massive success. Hundreds of organizations have adopted the template, and the movement has seen support from some of the biggest companies and most respected law firms in the world. But the more adopters the better.

The OneMinuteNDA

Contractbook supports the oneNDA, and we believe that their push for standardization is an important legal innovation. To spread the idea even further, we are now introducing the OneMinuteNDA.

Our goal is to enable smaller and less law-savvy companies to take advantage of the oneNDA and at the same time offer a contract automation tool that allows anyone to auto-generate a flawless oneNDA in no time. If you are fast enough, you might even be able to sign it before the 60 seconds have passed.

All you need to do is fill in the questionnaire and your contact information. Based on your answers, our contract automation tool will generate an oneNDA in seconds. Not only will our new tool help you save time, but the reliable automation will also ensure an error-free contract.

You can use our native digital signature and upload it to our platform where you are enable to create automated tasks and reminders for it or simply store it en safe repository.

One last thing

oneNDA comes as is, without any warranty at all. No one involved in writing, reviewing, or improving oneNDA will be liable to you for any damages related to this license or use of oneNDA, for any kind of legal claim. The use of oneNDA is subject to this licence agreement but don’t worry, it’s free.