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Congratulations, you’ve just been asked to sign oneNDA!

oneNDA set out on a mission to standardise the NDA so that lawyers can spend less time on them and more time on more valuable work.
In 2021, a group of lawyers from some of the world’s leading law firms and in-house teams worked together to collaboratively create a standard NDA. The company sending you this NDA is one of the many adopters of oneNDA and they’d like you to sign it without changes.

What's the benefit of having oneNDA?

Imagine a world where all parties started off from the same template. No more battle of the forms, no more time wasted on work that adds little value and more time to spend on value-add activities. Dreamy? We think so too.

Is this NDA any good though?

The terms of oneNDA have been discussed extensively between some of the brightest legal minds in the industry - it’s balanced, fair and easy to understand. We’ve carefully considered what should and shouldn’t go in and why some clauses shouldn’t be included. Unless you absolutely can’t live with it, we’d ask you to sign it as is.

Can I use oneNDA for all occasions?

Version 1 of oneNDA is designed for use in the most common of instances where two parties want to enter into commercial discussions. For now, it is not suitable for more complex scenarios such as the disclosure of highly-sensitive information, such as in an M&A context, business-critical IP, such as your source code or ‘secret sauce’, inside information or personal data. It also doesn’t expressly cover derived information. You should speak to a lawyer if you have any questions about whether the oneNDA is suitable for you and your circumstances.

One last thing

oneNDA comes as is, without any warranty at all. No one involved in writing, reviewing, or improving oneNDA will be liable to you for any damages related to this license or use of oneNDA, for any kind of legal claim. The use of oneNDA is subject to this licence agreement but don’t worry, it’s free.