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Effective contract automation software is crucial to running a digitally advanced business. Selecting the appropriate software to oversee your contract lifecycle can significantly impact your organization’s success.

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Best est ROI Summer 2023
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This page compares two platforms—Contractbook and Dropbox Sign, aka HelloSign—to help you choose the contract automation software that’s right for you.

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Contractbook provides end-to-end contract automation and covers all areas of the contract lifecycle, from creating, collaborating, and signing to centralizing, tracking, and connecting. It enables all departments in an organization to deal with contracts.

Contractbook has the following pros:

  • Data layer

    The contracts and documents are saved in JSON, making data available for future business decisions.

  • Dedicated support

    Support is available via telephone, email, and chat with 
a dedicated account rep.

  • #NoToPDFs

    Workflows are not reliant on PDF format, ensuring flexible editing and secure version history.

Dropbox Sign is a cloud-based e-signature platform for signing, sending, and managing documents online. It simplifies the signing process, eliminating paper and allowing secure, customizable signature requests.

However, Dropbox Sign is not the perfect tool for contract automation and has the following limitations:

  • Not future-proofed

    Essential contract data is not captured, making any sort of business analysis impossible.

  • Inefficient support

    Only email support is available.

  • PDF reliance

    Heavily dependent on PDF-based workflows and not flexible 
for changes.

Feature comparison

Feature compare

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Approval Process Control


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Audit Trail


Batch Processing

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Compliance Management


Conditional Logic

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Configurable Workflow


Content Management

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Contract Drafting

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Workflow Management


Reviews of GetAccept on Captera

"No Direct CRM Integration, while using the Extension method sometimes unable to access the relevant data of the Contacts to the proposal."

"Only disadvantage I faced with GetAccept is that it could have direct & simple means to upload document."

"It would be awesome if there was a way to send documents as if its from the company name and not GetAccept but I understand why that’s a no no as that would ki..."

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Pricing designed for companies with 11+ employees

Get a contract lifecycle management tool for your entire company - we don’t charge for additional seats

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Designed for all teams working with contracts

Get an overview of all your company’s contracts
in a single tools

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ROI positive in just 4 months

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Connect contract data to your existing tech stack

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and 3000+ more
Contract management using Salesforce
Contract management using Hubspot
Contract management using Google Calendar
Contract management using Pipedrive
Contract management using Zendesk
Contract management using Airtable
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Contract management using Google Drive
Contract management using Asana
Contract management using Shopify
Contract management using Intercom
Contract management using Asana
Contract management using Slack
Contract management using Stripe
Contract management using Quickbooks
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G2 rating: 4.7
Best est ROI Summer 2023
G2 Hight Performer summer 2023