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Autogenerate flawless contracts in no time with intuitive questionnaires.

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Create contracts faster

Use simple questionnaires based on contract templates to automate your contract creation process. Save time on tedious manual work and spend it on something more valuable.

Reduce legal errors

Use document automation to avoid human errors and ensure that everybody in your organisation creates uniform high-quality documents.

Work smarter

Generate your documents in a dynamic data-rich format that enables AI and allows for more data-driven operations. The future of work is now.

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Customized for every use case

The contract generator is suited for anyone that works with a high frequency of low-complexity contracts. Our solutions are used by sales departments, HR, procurement, legal counsels - everyone.

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According to IACCM*, 80% of companies struggle to find their contracts.

* The Global Contract Management Association. See source

Automate every step of the lifecycle

Use data-driven document automation to improve every step of the contract lifecycle and prepare for a smarter future. Connect Contractbook with more than 3000 other apps such as Slack, Teams or your CRM-system to customize a workflow that works for you.

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