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Manage the entire lifecycle of your contract in one flow

Use our digital platform to manage the entire lifecycle of your contracts in one flow. It makes you efficient, gives you a greater overview, and it enables you to maximise the value of your legal work - to achieve better contracts.


Create an unlimited amount of contracts directly on the platform. Use contract templates prepared by lawyers or draft your contracts from scratch with our convenient editor.



Using legally updated contract templates makes you more efficiency and reduces legal risks significantly.


Get rid of printers and scanners and sign your contracts digitally with us. You can either use our legally binding, advanced two-factor authentication or integrated certified National ID’s.



Digital signatures streamline your workflow and save you a lot of time compared to the usual hassle with emails, scanners and printers.


Gather all your contracts - old as new - and store them securely in the cloud. Organise them with tags and folders to get the complete overview of your legal work.



Contractbook makes it easier for you to manage and overview your contracts. You can access them from anywhere and share them with others as you like.

Basic contract management

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Work together

Create a collaborative setup to get the full contract lifecycle experience.


Create a flexible team-setup so you can share your work and collaborate across your organisation. Use comments to review and negotiate your drafts, and use our tasks-feature to delegate each other work.



A collaborative team-structure creates more transparency across your organisation and enables easy quality-control so you can maximise the value of your contracts.


Create tasks to execute your contracts and use reminders to ensure that you never miss a deadline. When the contract is executed, you can visit our dashboard where you can track and improve your performance before you create your next contract and start a new lifecycle.


Better contracts

Stay one step ahead at all times. More insights and the ability to manage your contracts through their entire lifecycle enables you to maximise the value of your legal work - to achieve better contracts.

Full contract lifecycle management

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Thunder automations

Automate your contracts and get rid of manual work.

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