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Close deals faster and increase your revenue by integrating Contractbook in your sales cycle

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With Contractbook, your sales team can focus on what is really important: Generating revenue. Enable your sales department to close deals faster and focus on customer relationships instead of spending valuable time creating contracts.

Why is it better?


Track your contracts' time to close and improve with knowledge management


Create & sign contracts digitally up to 10x faster

All in One

One platform to manage all contracts from A-Z


Automatic Alerts for renewals, re-negotiations & approvals

Shorten Sales Cycles

Contractbook let your sales professionals create, edit, collaborate, sign and store sales contracts in automated workflows - all in one platform while ensuring compliance. No more spending unnecessary time on administrative tasks. Make use of pre-created templates crafted specifically for your business and use our native digital signature to reduce the time to signature by up to 90%.

Keep track of upcoming contract renewals and other important metrics with complete Contract Lifecycle Management, by automating notifications on deadlines, renegotiate expiring contracts and much more.

Use Contractbooks Zapier account & Public API to create integrations to automatically populate your Sales Contracts by pulling data straight from your CRM or other similar systems. Last but not least - Contractbook is fully mobile friendly and can be used from any device - even when you are in the field.

About Contractbook Team

As a paying user on Contractbook you will experience our world class support and customer care. We make sure to allocate a Customer Success Manager to your account who will take you through an onboarding journey and make sure that you are setup up in the best possible way to achieve the value that you desire.

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