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Exclusive Distribution Agreement

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Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Guarantee exclusive rights to a specific distributor. Use our free template to create the contract, use it, and store it here on Contractbook.

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What is an exclusive distribution agreement?

An exclusive distribution agreement guarantees that a specific distributor has exclusive rights to distribute a particular product in a designated region, market, or business sector, preventing other entities from entering that space.

Under an exclusive distribution agreement, the supplier commits to selling its products solely to a designated distributor for resale within a specific territory. Simultaneously, the distributor is restricted from actively selling into other exclusively allocated territories. 

While this arrangement minimizes intra-brand competition and supports market partitioning, it does pose potential risks. Exclusive distribution may reduce competition and foster collusion among suppliers and distributors. Additionally, it can lead to the exclusion of other distributors, diminishing competition at that level.

What are the benefits of an exclusive distribution agreement?

This agreement gives the distributor a benefit in ensuring there are no competitors in the specified market. The supplier will often use this sort of agreement as an argument for striking a deal.

What are the key elements of an exclusive distribution agreement?

A solid exclusive distribution agreement should incorporate specific language to ensure legal validity. Key elements include:

  • Identifying the parties: Clearly state that the agreement involves the resale of the supplier company's product.
  • Describing the territory: Specify the geographical area where the distributor is authorized to sell.
  • Type of agreement: Indicate whether the contract is exclusive or if the distributor is one of multiple regional distributors.
  • Termination clause: Outline conditions for termination, whether due to cause or a mutual decision to end the business relationship.
  • Product specification: Define the product and establish delivery dates.
  • Payment structure: Specify whether payment is commission-based or if there's an alternative fee arrangement.
  • Relationship description: Define the relationship between the parties, emphasizing the distributor's status as an independent contractor, not an employee.
  • Order acceptance: State that the supplier must promptly accept the distributor's orders.
  • Sales challenges: Address what happens if the distributor cannot sell the goods and whether there's a quota.
  • Payment terms: Detail how and when the distributor will be compensated.
  • Legally binding statement: Confirm that the agreement is binding and enforceable by the laws of a specified country/area, and outline any arbitration requirements.
  • Effective duration: Specify the length of the agreement and its commencement date.
  • Trademarks: Who owns the relevant trademarks?
  • Sell-off period and inventory repurchase: The supplier can repurchase any leftover stock at the end of the agreement. 
  • Independent contractors: Neither party can agree with the other party. 
  • Non-publicity: Similar to the confidentiality clause
  • Assignment: Neither party can assign or transfer the agreement to another third party.
  • Governing Law: What jurisdiction governs the contract? 
  • Survival of Provisions: What provisions in the contract survive the termination of the agreement?

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Exclusive Distribution Agreement
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Key Terms of
Exclusive Distribution Agreement

This contract is an exclusive distribution agreement between a supplier and a distributor for the supplier's products in a specified territory. It outlines the rights and obligations of each party, including the distributor's exclusive right to distribute the products, use of trademarks, promotion efforts, inventory requirements, pricing, confidentiality, and termination provisions. The agreement has an initial term with automatic renewal unless terminated by either party.

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