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Website Design Proposal

Website Design Proposal

Website Design Proposal

Prepared by:

[Sender.CompanyName] [Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName]

Prepared for:

[Client.CompanyName] [Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName]


Dear [Client.FirstName],

1. Introduction

Further to our recent discussions, [Sender.CompanyName] (“[CompanyName]”) would like to thank you for the opportunity to present this proposal to [Client.CompanyName] (“[ClientName]”) for the design and development of its website [at [Insert URL (if available, otherwise delete]] (“Website”) and other services related to the Website.

[CompanyName] offers website owners a proposition to secure a unique portal for online consumers that meets their needs and allows them to discover the products and services offered by [ClientName]. A website that truly addresses the need of the digital customer has the potential to lead [ClientName] on a journey of exponential growth.

At [CompanyName] we employ the latest leading edge web design and development techniques, such as:

·             [Technique 1]

·             [Technique 2]

·             [Technique 3]

These techniques together with our proprietary techniques developed in-house allows [CompanyName] to offer its clients truly unique website designs.

2. What our Clients Say About Us

[Reference.ClientName 1]

[Reference.ClientMessage 1]

[Reference.ClientName 2]

[Reference.ClientMessage 2]

[Reference.ClientName 3]

[Reference.ClientMessage 3]

3. Needs of [ClientName]

Based on our recent discussions and our research, [CompanyName] has identified the following areas that need to be addressed by [ClientName]:

3.1 Brand Recognition

Our research shows that [ClientName] is presently lacking in brand recognition with potential customers across the whole range of its products and services. While some potential customers were aware of the products and services offered by [ClientName], they were not able to link them with the brand. [CompanyName] can assist [ClientName] in developing brand recognition and brand association with its products and services. The Website that will be developed for [ClientName] will reflect a tight cohesion between its products and services and the brand. As part of this process, [CompanyName] can also assist by developing a strong brand image for [ClientName]. In addition, the Website will reflect [ClientName]’s personality which is part of its vision and mission.

 3.2 Traffic and Lead Generation

[ClientName]’s current lead generation activities are quite limited and lack cohesion. As a result, many of the resources dedicated to this activity are not delivering optimal results. [CompanyName] has the ability to develop a website for [ClientName] that will not only optimize current lead generation activities but will also open up new avenues for lead generation such as sales funnels. In addition, the strategic use of SEO techniques will lead to search engine optimization which should result in rapid organic growth in traffic to the Website and its utilization. This in turn will lead to increasing lead generation.

The key to the success of the Website will be converting the generate leads into sales. In this respect, [CompanyName] can incorporate several tools into both the front and back end of the Website thar will significantly assist in lead conversion.

3.3 Engagement with Customers

Websites give businessowners a unique opportunity to connect and engage with their customers. Handled properly, this engagement can give customers a strong reason and incentive to make repeated visits to the Website. Not all the repeat visits will result in immediate sales, but they will keep customers connected with the [ClientName].

The engagement with customers will come partly through the design of the Website and partly through the quality of the content. Essentially, [ClientName]will need to give users a reason to return to the Website. Designs developed by [CompanyName] are very easy to use and are a joy to navigate for users.  This will contribute significantly to positive user experience. If this can be coupled with unique and high quality content presented in an engaging manner, [ClientName]will have a winning proposition. In this respect, [CompanyName] can assist by developing fresh and engaging content relevant to the Website on a regular basis.

4. The Website

Based on our assessment of the needs of [ClientName] as outlined above, [CompanyName] will develop the Website as follows:

4.1 Development Process Outline

In outline, [CompanyName]’s development and creation process will follow the following:

·             Collect and collate all materials required for the creation for the Website;

·             Develop concepts for selection by [ClientName];

·             Commence development process;

·             Submit mock-ups for approval by [ClientName];

·             Continue and complete development;

·             Full access to the Website by [ClientName] for final approval;

·             Receive final payment from [ClientName];

·             Migrate website to live server; and

·             Training as appropriate for the Website, including all backend functions.

4.2  Single Page Website

The Website will be developed on a single page basis. This means the content of all the main pages (such as About Us, Products and Services, Case Study. Contact) of the Website will be available on the landing page by scrolling up and down. This makes navigation a breeze for users.  The main pages will still exist individually. This will allow [ClientName] the opportunity to have more detailed information on the individual pages then there is on the Landing Page.

The main sections/pages will be:

·       [Page Name 1]

·       [Page Name 2]

·       [Page Name 3]

·       [Page Name 4]

·       [Page Name 5]

·       [Page Name 6]

While all the main sections/pages will appear on the Landing Page, each will be in a distinct and segregated part. Each part will have its own theme within the context of the theme of the whole Land Page.

The Landing Page and the individual sections/pages will have some or all of the following features:

·       [Feature 1]

·       [Feature 2]

·       [Feature 3]

·       [Feature 4]

4.3 About Us Page

This is the most important section/page of the Website. The About Us page will tell users about [ClientName], its products and services, its philosophy and its vision. It is the page that will seek to establish a connection between [ClientName] and the Website users. The aim being to convert the users into customers. 

4.4 Content Management System

The are many Content Management Systems (“CMS”)available on which websites can be built on such as Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla. The team of developers at [CompanyName] are highly experienced and proficient in these CMS systems and many others. Based on our assessment of the needs of [ClientName], [CompanyName] strongly recommends that [CMSName] be used for the Website. Our recommendation is based on the following factors:

·   [Factor 1]

·   [Factor 2]

·   [Factor 3]

·   [Factor 4]

·   [Factor 5]

4.5 Cross Browser Compatibility

The Website will be compatible for viewing all the major browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi at the time of the launch of the Website.

4.6 Hosting and Maintenance

To complement its Website Design and Development services, [CompanyName] is also able to offer clients premium website hosting and maintenance services. While we are not the cheapest service in this area, clients will more than cover their additional cost through having all the Website’s ongoing needs being catered for by one service provider. This factor is particularly relevant for ongoing website development and maintenance.

5. Website Design Process

The Website design process itself will go through a number of steps and processes including:

·   [Step/Process 1]

·   [Step/Process 2]

·   [Step/Process 3]

·   [Step/Process 4]

·   [Step/Process 5] 

6. Deliverables

As part of its brief, [CompanyName] would deliver the following to [ClientName]:

·   [Deliverable   1]

·   [Deliverable   2]

·   [Deliverable   3]

·   [Deliverable   4]

·   [Deliverable   5]


7. Delivery Schedule

The Deliverables will be delivered according to the following schedule commencing the date of the acceptance of [CompanyName]’s proposal by [ClientName]:

·   [Delivery Day 1]

·   [Delivery Day 2]

·   [Delivery Day 3]

·   [Delivery Day 4]

·   [Delivery Day 5]

(“Delivery Schedule”) On each delivery, [ClientName] will have to sign off on each of the Deliverables being delivered before development of the Website will progress to the next stage. The Delivery Schedule allows for [Insert Days] for [Client Name] to respond with any alternations that may be required. Any delay in this part of the process, may cause delays to subsequent deliveries.

8. Design and Development Fee

[CompanyName]’s Design and Development Fee (“Fee”) is [$Insert Amount]. The Fee shall be payable as follows:


9. Hosting and Maintenance Fees

[CompanyName] is able to offer [ClientName] hosting services and ongoing maintenance services for the Website as follows:

10. Terms and Conditions

The proposal by [CompanyName] for the development of the Website for [ClientName] is subject to the following terms and conditions:

(a)        All property rights in respect of work does on the Website and all materials used in the creation of the Website shall remain vested in [CompanyName] until such time [ClientName] has payment in full of all amounts due to [CompanyName] pursuant to this Agreement without any deduction. On receipt of full payment without any deduction, all property in respect of work does on the Website and all materials used in the creation of the Website shall vest in [CompanyName] without reservation. Such materials shall include but are not limited to designs, images, graphics of all types, source code, mock up, work-up files and text.

 (b)        [CompanyName] shall secure any consent and license required from any third party in respect of any text to other materials supplied to [CompanyName] for use in the creation of the Website. [CompanyName] will hold harmless, protect, and defend [CompanyName] from any claims or suits arising from the use of such materials.

 (c)        [CompanyName] shall have the right to display a design credit at the bottom of the primary landing page and the About Us page and [CompanyName] may include details of the Website and an image of it in its portfolio of works.

 (d)        On acceptance of this proposal by [ClientName]. This proposal shall form a legally binding agreement between [ClientName] and [CompanyName].


[Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName]








[Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName]




[Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName]


USER NOTE:  Users should note that the text set out in this template is intended as a sample only and may not be suitable for all users. All users should adapt the content of this template for their own particular requirements.

The User Note is intended for guidance only and does not in any way constitute legal advice and Users should treat it accordingly.

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