Automate your employee onboarding.

Put HR contracts on autopilot so you can focus on the people.
Create flawless contracts in no time.
Integrate seamlessly with your HR tools.

Sync Contractbook with your HR tools.

Connect Contractbook to your HR tools to ensure consistent data and a smooth and automated workflow.

Contracts everybody can agree on.

Share work with your team, invite external guests to review, and collaborate with parties to negotiate deals with everyone.

Automate your legal obligations.

Automate your employment obligations to stay on top of renewals, termination dates, and renegotiations.

Smooth onboarding of new recruits.

Auto-generate employment contracts and impress your new recruits with a professional contract experience.

How HR teams
benefit from Contractbook

Contractbook is a professional tool that I find intuitive and easy to use. I always know where my templates are, signing takes only a few minutes and it connects well with all my other tools. It's just easier to sleep at night when you know that the legal stuff is under control and I can focus on the more fun and strategizing aspects of HR.

Nicolas Blier-Silvestri
CEO @ Platypus

Empower your team with our HR Add-On.

Connect Contractbook with your HR tools so you have more time to connect with people.

HR Add-On

/month + Foundation Plan

What you get

Connect Contractbook with the HR tool of your choice (2-way sync integration, realtime data flow between tools)
Connect Contractbook with the communication tool of your choice. Slack, MS Teams—you name it. Make sure everyone on your team is updated.
Automated reminders & tasks
Collect client data and create contracts using interactive questionnaires
Structure your data in the database of your choice

Always included

Free onboarding
Customer Success Training
Automation services (8 hours)

Workflow Assessment

An interactive demo for your unique use case. Let us walk you through best practices.

What else can you do with Contractbook?

Manage all your contracts in a single, streamlined contract repository.

Create contracts with our simple, easy-to-use native editor. Or choose from 150+ free contract templates to get started faster. Auto-generate docs by answering a simple questionnaire or use your own templates.

Main features

Contract editor

Editable fields

Version history

Contract generator

Template library

Contract import

Your gains

Spend less time on paperwork

Ensure legal compliance

Quickly update pre-existing contracts

Work together with your team or invite external guests to review, comment, and approve your work in one place. Negotiate contracts with less back-and-forth, human error, and confusion.

Main features

Task management


File sharing

Your gains

Get approved faster without juggling messaging tools, email threads, or both

Keep your approval flow safe and secure

Ensure transparency and compliance by storing easily accessible approval history

Sign your contracts directly in the cloud—without PDFs. Our eSignature is legally binding in all western markets, including the US, EU, UK, and Australia.

Main features

Task management


File sharing

Your gains

Get your contracts signed faster—sales agreements, employment contracts—you name it

Add as many signees as you want

Manage the signing order easily

Organize all your contracts in one place. Keep all your contracts in a single, secure, and structured repository to get a complete overview.

Main features

Document repository

Folder system

Task management

Smart reminders

Activity tracking

Your gains

Reduce contract chaos by storing all your documents in one place

Ensure security of contract data through a granular level of access

Make it easier to access contracts by creating dedicated folders—or automatically push them to Google Drive after signing

Build self-executing contracts at scale. Connect to your favorite apps and data sources (HubSpot, Salesforce, Billing, or HR tools), to build and save time with self-executing contracts.

A seamless bidirectional data flow ensures your systems are always accurate and in sync.

Main features

Automation builder


Your gains

Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks

Scale the contract flow with a simple drag-and-drop builder

Connect all your data points to get on top of your operational data

Increase your efficiency with contract automations

Download our free guide on how to boost your sales with automated contract management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy just the HR Add-on?
No. The HR Add-on comes on top of your Foundation. With Foundation, you get a contract automation tool that enables you to manage all your business contracts in a single, streamlined repository. It helps you get on top of your contracts, collaborate seamlessly with your team, and create automated workflows throughout your entire business.
How many users can I have with HR Add-on?
The Foundation + HR Add-on includes 10 users. If you need more than that, you can purchase additional users for 10 euros monthly per user.
How can I try out the add-on?
Just get in touch with us. We will give you a free demo session where you will discover the full experience of the product. Afterward, we will carefully answer all questions you may have and tailor a solution that suits the needs of your business.

Ready to get your contracts under control?

Assisted onboarding specialist

We will onboard you and make sure you have the optimal setup.

Workflow Assessment

We will assess your workflow and guide you to best practices.