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Congrats on the Closed Won! Now it’s time to make good on all those promises you made in the sales agreement.

This is your real first impression, the one that counts. To make sure it goes well, it’s crucial that the handoff process is seamless. If it’s not, you could put the entire deal in jeopardy.

Imagine you’re a customer going through onboarding. You meet your new CS rep and they seem great… until they start asking you all the same questions you already answered during the demo. You wonder: How can this company possibly deliver on all their promises if they aren’t even communicating internally?

Not only is a clunky handoff process inefficient for everyone involved, but it also puts customers at risk of churning.

So how can you make sure that everyone knows what they need to do after the contract is signed—without burdening your busy sales team?

Hear from RevOps experts:

  • Michael Canty, Head of RevOps at Contractbook
  • Briana Yarborough, VP of RevOps at Pontoon Solutions
  • Asia Corbett, Senior Revenue Operations Manager, GTM at Bread

Questions will include:

  • How do you make sure the transition from Sales to CS is seamless (for your internal team and your customers)?
  • Which parts of the post-sale handoff do you automate and why?
  • How do you make sure teams are following the processes you’ve set up? And how are you preventing missed deadlines?

Creating Lasting Customers by Streamlining the Post-Sales Handoff