5 Do’s and Don’ts for Efficient B2B Sales in 2023

March 9, 2023
9:30AM CET

The HubSpot Partnered Webinar

Your prospects and customers are constantly bombarded with sales messages from a litany of companies. Sales teams are competing for attention across every digital platform, resulting in communication fatigue. 

During this session, we looked into how your business can navigate and prioritise sales efforts to avoid adding to the noise and stand out against the sea of sameness.

The Panel:

  • Sharen Murnaghan - Senior Channel Manager at HubSpot 
  • Joakim Steenfos - CEO of Radiant
  • Mikko Honkanen - Co-Founder of Vainu
  • Per Allin - Head of Partnerships Growth at Contractbook

The Topics:

  • Segment: How to generate up to four times more opportunities and double account engagement
  • Marketing: How to prime your segment instead of hard lead-conversion
  • Channels: How B2B companies should think when picking the right sales channels
  • Practical sales: We’ll show you a model to increase both hit-rate and win-rate
  • Existing clients: How to integrate existing clients into new business strategies and adjust VP’s

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