How Startups Can Win The Great Resignation

March 30, 2022
4:00 PM CEST

The Great Resignation has been one of the buzziest stories of the past year. People are quitting their jobs. In some sectors, up to 7 % of all employees quit their jobs in a single month. In all, up to 33 million people left their position in the U.S. since April last year which is more than a fight of the total U.S. workforce. The pandemic has forced people to rethink their lives and they’ve concluded that they lack freedom, purpose, and work-life balance. They’re tired of working too much with too boring tasks for too low salaries. 

In Europe, the trend hasn’t been as apparent but recruiting has never been harder and the entire Western world seems to be suffering under a shortage of staff. And this might just be the beginning

Startups and the salary competition - A struggle

However, it seems that startups are winning the great resignation. Startups have always had a hard time competing on salaries. So they’ve had to adapt and compensate by creating more flexibility and wellbeing in the workplace. That gives startups a huge advantage now that people are requesting more flexibility to work where and when they want. 

But how exactly can startups cultivate this culture? How can we remain attractive in this new reality? How can they prevent employee churn and instead, foster, a culture of loyalty? 

How can one evade The Great Resignation?

To find out, we have invited the CEO of Platypus, Nicolas Blier-Silvestri, Lona Alia who is Head of Revenue in SafetyWing, Josh Ash, Sales Lead in Humaans, and Thea Bramming who is an experienced organizational culture consultant for companies like Microsoft and To Good To Go. They will join an expert panel to discuss what employees are looking for in a modern workplace and what startups can do to stay attractive to talent in a difficult economy. Tune in on March 30th at 4:00 PM CET and participate in the discussion. 

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March 30, 2022 2:00 AM
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The Great Resignation is here and has been for some time. So what can startups do to remain attractive and prevent employee churn in a difficult economy?
How Startups Can Win The Great Resignation

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