How to build a Successful Sales Culture

February 9, 2022
16:00 (CEST)

A well-functioning sales team can be the difference between make or break in most modern tech startups and scaleups. You can have an excellent product, the world’s lowest churn rate, and a marketing team producing an abundance of interesting leads, but it won’t matter much if can’t close your deals.

Time Well Spent is our new webinar series where we look at what modern businesses can do with the time they’ve saved by automating their contracts. In this edition, we show busy startup founders, the scaling sales leaders and all the curious sales reps what you can do to build, scale and maintain a successful sales team.

We invited CCO in Kluster, Rory Brown, CEO in Jiminny, Tom Lavery, VP of Growth in Sales Assembly, Jenna Rogers, and our own Sales Director, Alexander Irschenberger, to a lively discussion about what it takes to make a sales team perform, and how you make sure that everyone feels comfortable while doing so. How do you get everyone united around a common mission? How do you balance performance culture with mental wellbeing? And how do you build a hybrid sales team where remote is either accepted or encouraged?

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February 9, 2022 1:00 AM
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A 60 minute expert talk with tips, tricks and advice on how to build, scale and maintain a culture that makes your sales reps thrive and perform.
How to build a Successful Sales Culture

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