How Operations Leaders are Unlocking a Goldmine of Data in Contracts

October 18, 2023

Everyone’s focus is on AI and automation, and one key component sits at the center of it all: data. Within the many contracts that businesses need to manage, there lies a trove of untapped information in the form of data. For example, parties involved, renewal dates, renewal terms, and so on.

But how do operations leaders bridge the gap between data-rich contracts and technology?

Our Speakers

Join Michael Canty, Head of Revenue Operations from Contractbook, Laura Greenberg of Worksome, and Knut-Magnar Aanestad, a founding partner from CONCIDE.IO, as they merge their collective expertise in the realms of operations, AI, and contracts.

Topics of Exploration:

  • The untapped potential of contract data
  • Bridging operations and legal teams
  • AI's role in contract management
  • Future of contract platforms with AI integration

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October 18, 2023 2:00 AM
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Contracts are rich in data. AI runs on data. Combining the two can naturally benefit any business looking to optimize their contract process. But, aligning operations, legal and AI tools to realize this latent value is no easy task.
How Operations Leaders are Unlocking a Goldmine of Data in Contracts

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