Recruitment for Tech Startups - How to Find Talent That Thrives

March 21, 2022
16:00 (CEST)

Recruiting has never been harder. More companies compete for fewer talents. On the one hand, the low supply of available talent means you have to take chances. On the other hand, the resources you have to dedicate in order to hire new talents mean that you have to get it right. There is little room for making mistakes. Whoever you bring in must perform and thrive in your team.

It can be particularly difficult for startups and scaleups. You don’t just have to find people with the right skills and or a cultural fit that gets along with your team. At least some would ago (read: we), you also need to have certain personality types and traits and expertise to thrive in a startup environment.

Not just because working in a startup usually involves more flexible working hours, a laissez-faire dress code, and regular ping pong breaks. But also because working in a startup means that you have to strive in a chaotic, ever-changing environment where you need to keep an open mind and thrive in more loose structures where the stakes are high, and your impact is evident.

Contractbook CEO, Niels Martin Brøchner, called this Startup IQ in a piece he wrote in Forbes. But what is it exactly? How do you identify it? And can it be taught?

To find out, we invited Managing Director in Worksome, Morten Bruun, CEO in Talentiir, Christian Payne, and CEO in Contractbook Niels Martin Brøchner for a 60-minute webinar.

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March 21, 2022 1:00 AM
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Navigating the recruitment market can be a hard, time-consuming, and nerving task. Get a better understanding of the little things when recruiting new talents for your startup from our expert panel.
Recruitment for Tech Startups - How to Find Talent That Thrives

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